Category: Formulas

For centuries people have tried to formulate and templatize marketing strategies.  Each formula doesn’t have to be followed precisely, but they are very useful for getting started and filling a blank page with a framework.

The We Promise You This: Headline Formula

We Promise You This: {Highly Desirable Result} Or {Consequence}

Gym membership example:
We promise you this: lose 30 pounds or we’ll pay for a month at a different gym


The Objection or Anxiety Headline Formula

The only {product category} that doesn’t {objection or anxiety}.

Accounting software example:
The only accounting software that doesn’t come loaded with a hundred pointless features.

Accounting software example:
The only …

The TEASE Testimonial Formula

Tactful – Write a fitting and considerate testimonial. Keep in mind that the person who receives your testimonial would like to show it to others.
Emphasize – Highlight …

5 Drip Email Templates Formula

Email 1: A Warm Hello
Email 2: Transparency “We’ve done this great thing and we want to share what we’ve learned”
Email 3: Send them a personal article that shows

The AICPBSAWN Copywriting Formula

Attention – Biggest benefit, biggest problem you can solve, USP
Interest – Reason why they should be interested in what you have to say
Credibility – Reason …

The PAS Copywriting Formula


People want to avoid hassles. That is why problems can attract more attention than benefits. This makes the PAS a great formal for copywriters.…

The 3 Reasons Why Copywriting Formula

Why are you the best?
Why should I believe you?
Why should I buy right now?

When you answer these three questions copywriting becomes easy and effective.…