Category: SaaS Pages

A SaaS Page (Software As A Service) is a page that demonstrates how a piece of software works. Since you can just “see software in action” you can often demonstrate it simply through images, gifs, and videos.

FYI Search Sales Page

This is a simple-yet-great landing page that demonstrates a tool for searching every cloud storage app you have. It uses lots of images paired headlines and explainer text to walk

Flexport “Why Us?” Page

This is a very simple to understand page put together by Flexport to encourage people to use their shipping software.

It uses an easy combination of screenshots, clear titles, and

Siteleaf Website

Clean and simple layout has different sections explaining each feature and what you can do with SiteLeaf.…

Aura Health

This peaceful and calm website promotes a mindfulness app, and perfectly captures the mood while still clearly explaining what it does.…

Toggl App

The tagline is “Ever feel like someone is STEALING your time” and this image conveys that message perfectly.…