Noah Kagan’s Million Dollar Weekend Book Cover Split Test

Look at this “Split Testing” Noah Kagan did to find the right book cover:

He took a picture from a book store shelf, then rendered different colors of the book to see which stood out the most. 

The yellow book blended in, but the green stood out!

He also ran Facebook Ads to test which book covers/colors people would click on the most:

He also also got a bunch of variations of the book cover made, did audience polls which one was was the best (almost immediately the snapping fingers won), and looked at them as tiny thumbnails like a shopper on Amazon on their phone would see:

The end result looking like this!

Speedy Wash Pricing

When you go through a car wash with different pricing options, does it ACTUALLY make a difference?

I’ll usually select “The Works” but I’m not sure it does anything different …


Q2 is near

Whatever your 2024 goal is, you have 9 more months to complete it

❌ Q1: January, February, March​
✅ Q2: April, May, June
✅ Q3: July, August, September
✅ Q4:

Total Addressable Market

When looking at market size it’s helpful to look at the realistic amount you can capture.

TAM: Total demand for a specific product/service in a market.

SAM: Portion of TAM