Lydian Dental Direct Mail Flyer

This is a good and simple direct mail flyer that features prominent contact information, coupons, map, and even Google Reviews.



Apple Credit Card Explainer Video

This is a phenomenal explainer video for the new Apple Credit Card. It’s short, super easy to understand, and extremely visual.

It focused on the product itself, using lots of …

How To Be Creative Video

This is a handy little video to shows you WHAT creativity is, and how to manufacture creativity even if you’re not feeling creative.…

How to write a one pager video

This is a great instructional video on how to write a simple (yet VERY effective) “One Pager” document you can use for flyers, selling, or as handouts.

Wine Trail Ranch Liquidation Flyer in Austin

This is an interesting direct mail flyer for a “Liquidation Sale” of ranch property with cabins. The interesting thing to note is that it doesn’t include a website…you MUST call …

Cognitive Biases Chart

This is a helpful chart that can improve your copy by adding a scientific flair to it when explaining something.…

Ranch Sale Direct Mail Flyer

This is the back of the flyer:

This flyer entices buyers with the possibility of owning a ranch at a low price. There’s lots of pictures and information to attract …