LeadPages cancellation page

This cancellation page is great because:
  • It tries to provide additional, highly relevant customer service connected to the user’s reason for quitting.
  • It’s quick + easy to use. Everything is

The Dance Dojo Testimonials

These testimonials are for an online dance course called The Dance Dojo.

They use a simple, easy-to-read two-column format, and try to highlight how their course is DIFFERENT.

If there …

Ash Ambirge Gossip Testimonials

Ash creatively calls her testimonial section “Gossip About Me”, which perfectly matches her blog’s personality.

These would be even more compelling if some of the tweets weren’t cut off by …

Ben Settle Testimonials

Normally, attaching photos to testimonials adds a layer of transparency and credibility.

In Ben’s case, it’s not really necessary.

All of his testimonials are from well-known industry experts that his …

The Hustle Testimonial Tweets

The Hustle uses simple carousel-style testimonials that their readers tweet in. This approach is cool because they’re able to easily gather testimonials tied to current events. It makes everything feel …

Aweber 5-Tier Pricing

This is a cool example of 5-Tier pricing on Aweber. Tiered pricing is great for when you have multiple price points for different services, in this case the more subscribers …