F.A.Q. Style Email For Selling Course

This is a great F.A.Q. style email from Hiten Shah with commonly asked questions (and answers) from users.
Subject: Your questions answered
For my new course, Build Winning Products, I’ve been getting a bunch of questions on it. It’s an 8-week long online program that runs from February 5th to March 27th and will show you how to build your own hit products.

As a quick reminder, the course closes on Friday, February 2nd.

Here’s my answers to the most popular questions that I’ve gotten:

“Can I take the course remotely?”
Absolutely! This is an online course. You’ll get access to modules so you can view the videos anywhere in the world. You’ll also get access to the transcripts and slides. And for the Team Plan, the weekly call will be a live, online call that you can attend from anywhere.

“How much time will the course take?”
Each module includes about an hour’s worth of material. At a minimum the weekly assignments will take an additional 1-2 hours a week. And the more time you spend on it, the more quickly you’ll see results. Be prepared to spend at least several hours each week on the program.

“How will this help me get my team onboard?”
The workshop will specifically tackle the challenges of getting alignment with your team, no matter what size of company you work in. You’ll learn how to get your organization and your team on board. They’ll understand the frameworks and all the details of what you are doing and be eager to help you.

“Can I give my team access?”
You can! If you purchase a Team Plan, up to five people can attend from your company. Once you submit payment we’ll ask for each team member’s information so we can get them access. While you’ll definitely want to invite a few folks from your Product team, we’ve seen teams progress very quickly when they invite a couple of people from other teams. This helps embed the frameworks across the organization and gets everyone moving in the same direction really fast.

“What will we be learning each week?”
Here are the course topics you’ll be learning about each week:

  • Module One: Start Where You Are
  • Module Two: Fill In The Gaps
  • Module Three: Ask Questions That Get Better Answers
  • Module Four: Know Your Competitors
  • Module Five: Choose Your One Goal
  • Module Six: Building Your Roadmap
  • Module Seven: Working With Engineering
  • Module Eight: Rinse And Repeat

“What if I want to have more than 5 people on my team join?”
Email me and let’s chat. Reach me at hiten@producthabits.com.

“How long do I have access to the material?”
You get complete access to all the course material once the program is over. We don’t have any plans to shut down the course so you’ll be able to come back and refresh yourself with the material whenever you want. Or if the timing isn’t quite right for you now, you can purchase a seat and then come back when the timing is better.

“How advanced is the material?”
The material is on the advanced side. It covers all the foundations to make sure we’re working from the same place, then we go through all the advanced tactics that I use to build products.

“I haven’t launched my product yet, is this course right for me?”
If you don’t have a product yet, this program will be too advanced for you. You’ll be diving into your data and using advanced product frameworks, so you need to have a product and it must be launched.

“Will I be able to ask Hiten questions?”
I’ll be popping into the discussions for each video from time to time, helping out and answering questions as I can. If you want to guarantee that you get a chance for me to answer your specific questions, you’ll want to purchase the Team Plan. That gets you access (along with up to 5 total people from your team) to a weekly live call that I’ll be doing each week. Everyone that signs up for the team plan will get an invite and I’ll go through questions, do teardowns, and give specific team exercises not included in the normal program.

“What is the cost for the program?”
An Individual Plan costs $1600. A Team Plan for up to five people from your company costs $3200.

“Is there a discount for startups, if I have a tight budget, or I’m not based in the United States?”
No. There isn’t a discount available. This is why we put together the Individual plan, so that you can still get access to the material yourself if you need to be careful with your budget.

“What if I want the Team Plan just to join the weekly team calls with Hiten?”
If you’d like to purchase a Team Plan but don’t plan on inviting anyone else from your team, that’s totally up to you. The team invites are optional.

“How many weekly team calls are there?”
For those that purchase the Team Plan, Hiten will do a team call for each week of the course. There will be 8 calls total and each will be an hour. You’ll get an invite for each call via email once you purchase a team plan.

“When are the weekly team calls for the Team Plan?”
The weekly team calls are every week at 6PM PT on Tuesday. The first call is on February 6th right after the first module opens. Then we’ll do a call at the same time every week with the last call happening on March 27th.

“Is this course right for small teams?”
If your company is 3 people or less, you have a different set of problems to solve than what this program will cover. It won’t help you and will actually be a distraction for you and your team.

“Is this course right for large or enterprise teams?”
Yes. Employees from large companies have gone through the program and gotten a tremendous amount of value. If you already have internal processes to do product development, Build Winning Products will help you execute on that process with more success.

“Will this program be offered again?”
I’m honestly not sure. I don’t know if or when I’ll open up the program again. Or the format that it’ll take if I do. So if you’re interested, I’d grab yourself a seat to be safe.

The program closes at 6PM PT on Friday, February 2nd.

To see all the details on the program, go here.

I’ve also blocked time off in my calendar to answer any other questions you have about the program. Feel free to reply with questions related to your specific situation and I’ll respond as quickly as I can.

All the best,