Facebook Group Website Script

Hey friends! If you’re ever wanted a website built, I’m doing a special deal where I’ll setup a full WordPress website for you within 24 hours for only $100.

Any website you need (can be a personal blog, photography portfolio, company website), I will make for you. We’ll hop on a call together and within 24 hours I’ll get your entire website up and running. I’ll even train you how to use it if needed.

These websites are designed so:
–You can easily update them.
–They have a chance of getting ranked in search engines.
–You can send people your website link.

I am doing a very limited promotion of a flat $100 fee for this ENTIRE service. Many web developers here charge starting at $125/hour, so this is extremely generous!

WhateverYourNameIs – Phone/Text: 555-555-5555

P.S. I’m pretty decent at setting up websites, so if you have any website questions at all, ask them in the comments and I’ll help you out or point you in the right direction.

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Craigslists Photography Post

Full Photography Sessions in Austin: Just $100

I am a photographer here in Austin who can do a 1-hour photoshoot with you:

I can take the


Facebook Photography Post

Hey friends! As you know I do photography on the side, and would like to offer friends a 1-hour photoshoot for just $100.

In this photoshoot we can take professional …