2 Hour Cocktail Parties

My buddy Nick Gray is famous for throwing “2 Hour Cocktail Parties“, and one fun thing he does is organize parties at OTHER people’s houses:

He held one of these parties on Wednesday, I was there for a speedy 2 hours, met a bunch of people (old and new) and left!

He will often invite a special guest, this time it was Andrew Wilkinson whose company just went public (guy in the middle).

Nick always conducts at least 1 or 2 quick ice breakers, here’s him in action:

This party was hosted at Cody Mclain’s house here in Austin, and he had this secondary backyard area where the whole party could stand around:

This ice breaker was HUGE, maybe 40 or 50 people, so Nick kept the train moving quick and the icebreaker was done in 13 minutes flat (I timed it) 😬

Was a fun time!

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