Headlines and Titles – Kopywriting Kourse

Here’s a full scrape of headlines and titles from KopywritingKourse.com:

Am I Dumb?10No
Krappy Kopy11No
The Results11No
The Amish Hour14No
Take A Workcation!18No
Real Estate Flyers18No
Copywriting Quotes18No
Klassy Kasual Kopy18No
Noah Kagan's Podcast20No
The Coding Challenge20No
Give me head (lines)20No
Kopywriting Checklist21No
Two different Antennas22No
How to write headlines22No
the investment account22No
What makes kopy gooooood24No
the passive income thing24No
Rise of the ";UX Writer";25No
How To Become A Life Coach26No
The ten thousand dollar day27No
Krappy Kopy: Spammy edition!28No
How to scam people for money28No
Why I was everywhere at once28No
Edit Any Website (free tool)28No
Example of HouseOfRave emails29No
What program do you write in?29No
What kind of car do you drive?30No
Do you have a blog? What is it?31No
Get A Job vs Start A Business ?31No
Copy Teardown – Episode 131Yes
Ear Plugs Were Sent From Heaven31No
Best Business Podcasts (in 2017)32Yes
The Caveman Test for Copywriters32No
Copywriting advice for beginners32No
What’s wrong with this envelope?32No
Writing a Sales Page: Step 6: FOMO34Yes
Why this guy is still totally poor34No
How to work from home successfully.35No
Product Market Fit (A Visual Guide)35No
How would you make $100 in a month?35Yes
How To Remind Someone Through Email35No
Can a Computer Replace a Writer? 🤖35No
Here's How to Cold Email Like a BOSS36No
How to self publish a book on Amazon36No
Uber Emails and how they can improve36No
The State of Copywriting Address 201837Yes
Louis C.K.’s Direct Video Sales 37No
How To Write A Newsletter (for Email)37No
Where do you see yourself in 5 years?37Yes
Product, sales pitch, delivery system37No
Image, Headline, Copy (IHC) Technique37No
Copywriting Tools (most of them free)!38No
Writing a Sales Page: Step 9: FAQ Page38Yes
Free Craigslist Hiring Course for you!38No
How To Make Money With Music Licensing38No
What Makes A Good Writer? Let's see ->38No
Writing a chapter in 4 hours....sped up39Yes
Mixergy Copy Teardown – Episode 239Yes
What if you made everything 50% shorter?40Yes
Google Keep + Google Docs for Copywriters41No
The first time I had success with an email42No
How To Write a Good Cover Letter for a Job42No
How I make $397 a week with autoresponders42Yes
How to make a PDF (for Free, without Adobe)43No
How would you get rich if you were 21 again?44Yes
How many squares of toilet paper do you use?44No
My Portable Laptop Desk & Lighting Setup45Yes
How would you make an extra $1,000 in a month?46Yes
How would you make an extra $10,000 in a month?47Yes
Monthly Goal Planner (Generator plus Worksheet)47No
How would you make an extra $100,000 in a month?48Yes
Writing a Sales Page: Step 8: Price Justification49Yes
Keeping it simple by communicating ONE MAJOR THING50No
Side Projects (what are YOU working on right now)?50No
James Clear Copywriting Teardown – Episode 350Yes
Direct Mail Marketing Guide and Real-Life Examples50No
How would you make a million dollars in one month?50No
Helping Illegal Home Depot Workers Get Jobs Faster50No
Writing a Sales Page: Step 2: What Are You Selling?51Yes
Writing a Sales Page: Step 4: The ";Selling Story";51Yes
Writing a Sales Page: Step 7: Adding In Testimonials52Yes
How To Create Advertising That Sells by David Ogilvy52No
Finding an idea is the last thing. Skills are better52No
Writing a Sales Page: Step 3: Write Out 20+ Headlines53Yes
Elevator Pitch Generator w/ Examples & Templates53Yes
Writing a Sales Page: Step 5: Summary of What They Get54Yes
How To Sell Without Selling (An Easy Formula To Follow)55No
How To Rock (or Bomb) the Top 5 Job Interview Questions55Yes
How To Start A Consulting Business (even as a side job)55No
How to Write Funny (By mixing humor into your writing)55No
How Do I Make Money (even though I've never had a job)?55No
Getting Your First Freelance Writing Jobs (As a Beginner)57No
Writing a Sales Page: Step 1: Make a ";Skeleton Outline";57Yes
How To Sell A Food Product (Especially to Grocery Stores)57No
What Is Scaling? (In Terms of Growing Your Business Fast)58No
Clickbait Headlines Work For Now, But They're Going To Die58No
Psychology of Marketing: Using Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs58No
Copywriting Portfolio (make a full portfolio in 10 minutes)59Yes
How To Get Your Facebook (or any social network) Posts Seen59No
Checkout Page Button Color – Following the crumb trail60Yes
Easiest Font To Read (For Print, Websites, Email and Mobile)60No
11 Unconventional Ways To Immediately Overcome Writers Block60Yes
Why Images Are Greater Than Text In Marketing (In Many Cases)61No
How To Create A Great Tagline For Your Business (w/ Examples)61No
Copywriting Exercises: Best Ways To Get Better At Copywriting61No
Copywriter Salary Range: Entry Level to Successful Freelancer61No
How To Write Good Testimonials (w/ Generator & Examples)61Yes
How to Choose the Right Photos for Your Website / Social Media62No
Writing a Sales Page: Step 10: Money Back Guarantee Examples62Yes
How To Be More Valuable At Work (Hint: Become A Triple Threat)62No
How to hire a copywriter (plus a list of names of copywriters)62No
How I tripled Yelp’s email response rates with just 3 changes.62Yes
The Secret Government Project I've Been Stealing From For Years63No
How to Interview Someone For a Job (with only 1% of the effort)63Yes
Writing a Sales Page: Step 11: About The Author Section Examples64Yes
Blog Post Idea Generator (100's of Blog Post Ideas with Titles)64Yes
Leading Questions (and how they are used in different situations)65No
A 4-Way Homepage Split Test (w/ Numbers, Screenshots, and Results)67Yes
Billboard Advertising Guide: Costs, Tips, Effectiveness & More67Yes
How To Make Money As A Photographer (Scripts and Templates to copy)67No
How To Start A Conversation (including ";canned lines"; and tactics)68No
Powerwashing Flyers that took business from zero to $13,202 per month69Yes
Pricing Examples: How To Structure Your Pricing (w/ Examples of Each)69No
How To Sell Art Online & Make Money: A Case Study with Horse Art69Yes
The Copywriting Command Center A Must-Have For All Newbie Copywriters70No
How To Write A Follow Up Email That Gets Results (Plus Free Templates)70No
How to completely dominate search engine results with your online store71No
How to write a good AirBnB listing description (plus real life example)71No
Story Arcs: Stealing Ideas from Storytelling for your Content Marketing71No
Do Tattoos Affect How People View You In The Workplace? Let’s Find Out!71No
How to Write A Brochure – with Examples and Visual Attention Scans72Yes
I Created A Content Mill, Made 50 Shitty Articles, and Here's The Results73Yes
Online course membership area backends (plus free logins for some of them)74No
How Sam Writes Thousands of Blog Posts That Get Read by Millions of People74No
We Are Going to Write An Entire Sales Page Together Over the Next Few Weeks75No
Udemy Course Data (Lessons learned from scraping the entire course dataset)75No
How To Become A Famous YouTuber (w/ stats & ideas from 4 big channels)75Yes
Absurd Calls To Action (Get People To Buy By Almost Giving Them A Seizure)!75No
The Three Pronged Pricing Technique (Templates, Examples, and a Generator)75No
Make Your First $100 As A Freelancer (with instructions and scripts to follow)79Yes
99 Designs Review (The Process of Getting a Sales Page Professionally Designed)79Yes
I bought 25 gigs on Fiverr, spent 302 dollars, and got all this stuff outsourced80Yes
T Shirt Marketing (How I got $5,000 worth of Copywriting Clients from a $22 T-Shirt)84Yes
Sell Me This Pen: How I sold $2,220 of sports training (knowing NOTHING about sports)85Yes
How to create an amazing ";About Us"; page (tactics from a professional About Page writer)90No
Street Advertising Experiment (Increasing random foot traffic walk-in's with a sandwich board)94No
Effective Communication Skills: Use Words To Get Ahead In Your Workplace (w/ Examples & PDF)97Yes
How to Make a Blog Content Strategy (By writing timeless content that gets linked, shared, and ranked)103No
Damn it's easy to make a digital product like the Kopywriting Checklist, but you probably think it's hard!106No
How to write an app store description (lessons learned from scraping the Top 100 FREE and PAID iOS app descriptions):117Yes
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