Headlines – TheHustle

Here’s a full scrape of headlines and titles from TheHustle:

Don’t Be Tamed14No
How Pandora Does It19No
Want a Better Pitch?20No
Zuck Bucks the Trend20No
The Great Kalespiracy21No
The Butcher’s Butcher21No
The Recruitment Letter22No
Hey Look, New Companies23No
Trouble on the Back Nine24No
The 30-year-old retirees24Yes
The Hustle Fam: Volume 124Yes
How Tall Is Tim Ferriss?24No
30 Days of LSD Microdosing26Yes
We Just Hired Employee #1726Yes
50% of the internet is fake27Yes
Why Millennials Are Unhappy27No
Why Is WeWork Worth so Much?28No
Why You Should Live In A Van28No
A note on toxic productivity28No
The Hustle’s 2016 Gift Guide28Yes
How to Start a Cult (Startup)29No
How to lose $1B in 10 seconds29Yes
The Beanie Baby Bubble of ’9929Yes
Shaq Is a Heck of an Investor29No
The Epic History of Vans Shoes30No
We’ve Grown From 2 People to 730Yes
When your product sells itself30No
When tech nerds get a makeover30No
The most lucrative side-hustles31No
How to Add 3+ Hours to Your Day31Yes
How to Not Write Like an Asshole32No
Fuck Gawker, and Fuck Sam Biddle32No
ISIS Is a Bonafide Media Company32No
Laptops Are Destroying Your Balls33No
Why introverts make great leaders33No
Ryan Graves’ Billion Dollar Tweet33No
Your CEO Is Probably a Psychopath33No
Does Working in Tech Make You Fat?34No
The man who sold shares of himself34No
The Story of How Venmo Was Started34No
Boredom Is Terrible, Right? Wrong.34No
Life as a Professional Video Gamer34No
The Fastest Self-Made Billionaires34No
The First Two Months of The Hustle34No
30 Days of LSD Microdosing: Week 134Yes
8 Winners and Losers of Rebranding34Yes
How Coffee Meets Bagel Makes Money34No
Why You Shouldn’t Go to Law School34No
Ranked: America’s Best Dating Apps34No
How to Effectively Negotiate Salary35No
The Hustle (Reader) Earnings Report35No
How we sell 500 tickets in 10 weeks35Yes
How To Take Advantage of Tax Havens35No
The botched Coca-Cola heist of 200635Yes
From 0 to $25m – The iCracked Story35Yes
Stop Force Quitting Your iPhone Apps36No
This $20,000 House Will Save America36Yes
The Epic Rise of John D. Rockefeller36No
Dear Public Relations Professionals…36No
Content Ain’t King Unless It’s Funny36No
Fancy Job Perks Won’t Make You Happy36No
The man who won the lottery 14 times36Yes
Cheap Weddings Lead to Fewer Divorces37No
Is a College Degree Worth It in 2016?37Yes
The dystopian business of bottled air37No
Inside the Amazing Dog Selfie Business38No
How Eaze teched over the weed industry38No
Hoverboards: Are They Douchey or Cool?38No
What Happens When Your Nudies Go Viral38No
Productivity Hacks Are a Waste of Time38No
These Are the Signs of Burnout at Work38No
Four Networking Tips That Actually Work39No
The LinkedIn Hack That Made Me $120,00039Yes
An Interview With the Co-Founder of Away40No
What happens when a robot kills someone?40No
I Woke Up at 6 AM to Go to A Dance Party40Yes
How a free blog post launched a movement40No
The 7 Most Badass Businessmen in History40Yes
How We Found Our Speakers for Hustle Con40No
Why nobody ever wins the car at the mall40No
How Marketers Use Music for Mind Control40No
Why Your iPhone Only Lasts Two Years, Max41No
I Spent a Month Getting Robot Pet Therapy41No
What It’s Really Like to Grow up Too Fast41No
How Two Buck Chuck made wine less douchey41No
Wi-Fi Doesn’t Actually Stand for Anything41No
She’s betting $43m On The Airbnb For Cars41Yes
How venture capital can harm your startup41No
The Most Googled Product in Every Country41No
How This Guy Will Go 30 Days Without Food41Yes
What’s a Typical Week For a Writer at SNL?42No
How a $5 Investment Got Me Into Shark Tank42Yes
Is Creative Genius On-Demand a Real Thing?42No
The Coverage of Theranos is Utter Bullshit42No
Scaling a sales team to 26X revenue growth42Yes
The 5 Books That Shaped The Hustle’s Voice42Yes
Read These Books Instead of Getting an MBA42No
The Secret to Making $450m Selling Coolers42Yes
You Can Make $15 Million Selling Pet Rocks42Yes
Casper Made $1 Million in Its First 28 Days43Yes
Uber For Escorts is Now a Thing in New York43No
The Secret to Switching Fields Successfully43No
How a 32-Year-Old Became CEO of Burger King43Yes
Ever Lied on Your Resume? So did Joe Biden.43No
Meet the Girls Making a Living From Cosplay43No
Nas’ Investment Portfolio Is Straight Nasty43No
7 Stupidly Simple Ways to Save Money Online43Yes
Former Rap Genius Founder Interviews Intern43No
When Getting High Is in Your Job Description44No
50 Pieces Of Life Advice From People Over 5044Yes
Newsweek in 1995: Why the Internet Will Fail44Yes
Ace & Everett: A Lesson in Content Marketing44No
Checking in on Predictions for the Year 202044Yes
Which Geek Subscription Box is Best For You?44No
This is How Dave McClure Started 500 Startups45Yes
Why 70% of Millennials Have Impostor Syndrome45Yes
The Seven Books You Should Read to Be Smarter45No
The 4 Best Products for Getting Perfect Sleep45Yes
Jack Dorsey Wakes Up Every Morning at 5:00 AM45Yes
Why ‘don’t let ’em see you sweat’ is bullsh*t45No
How to Stop Being Sad and Start Being Awesome45No
The Five Minute Journal Will Make You Happier45No
How Arthur Chu Gamed Jeopardy! to Win $300,00046Yes
How 9 Entrepreneurs Hack Their Morning Routine46Yes
Tucker Max: I’ve Had More Failure Than Success46No
The Real Life Erlich Bachman of Silicon Valley46No
Jess Lee: How She Became CEO and Saved Polyvore47No
Free Money: How to Use Startups to Eat for Free47No
Why Building Community Is the New “Growth Hack”47No
George Zimmer Got Fired. Then He Got Real Cool.47No
80 Million Reasons to Reconsider Remote Working47Yes
Dear Men, Please Stop Hitting on Me on Linkedin47No
We Got Fitness Freaks to Try Food Made From Bugs48No
Everything You Need to Know About the Square IPO48No
The Psychology Restaurants Use to Manipulate You48No
The failed quest to bring smells to the internet48No
6 Things I Learned From Not Drinking for 2 Years48Yes
The Founder of Pandora is Speaking at Hustle Con48No
When Does a Startup Become Just Another Company?48No
Priceonomics: How They Create Such Viral Content48No
Sh*t, I’m F*cked: Jason Goldberg, Founder of Fab48No
How a Non-Techie Created Sprig, the Lyft for Food49No
17% of Black Friday “Deals” Cost More Than Amazon49Yes
Here’s Why You Can’t Find Any Prince Music Online49No
How a robotic singing fish made $100m in one year49Yes
How Famous Companies Used Marketing Hacks to Grow49No
The Culprit Companies Greenwashing Climate Change49No
Watch our startup recklessly blow through $500,00050Yes
26-Year-Old Quits Her Job to Do Snapchat Full-Time50Yes
How to Professionally Bullshit Your Way to Success50No
Proof That Your Favorite Startup Started Out Awful50No
The First Pitch Decks From Billion-Dollar Companies51No
Inside Wayback Machine, the internet’s time capsule51No
Look at Steve Harvey’s Card – He Was Set up to Fail51No
Last Week Some Random Guy Bought Google.com for $1251Yes
100 Days of Rejection Therapy Can Make You Fearless51Yes
The Maker Movement Taking Over America. Here’s How.51No
The One Thing Every Successful Person Has in Common51No
This Guy Started a Nationwide Brand From His Kitchen52No
I Rented Apartments to Rent Out on Airbnb for Profit52No
Meet the 11% of Americans who don’t use the internet52Yes
Hustle Con 2015 is Happening This Year on April 24th52Yes
BREAKING NEWS: The Hustle Hits 1,000,000 Subscribers52Yes
The Soylent Challenge: 30 Days Without Food – Week 152Yes
Minimalism: Why I Sold Everything And You Should Too52No
Steve Jobs Was an Asshole, Here Are His Best Insults52No
When You Can’t Figure out What to Do With Your Life…52No
30 Days of LSD Microdosing Part 1: Buying LSD Online52Yes
The Soylent Challenge: 30 Days Without Food – Week 352Yes
Ramit Sethi Will Teach You How to Grow Your Business52No
This is Learning to Code in the Coolest Way Possible52No
The Soylent Challenge: 30 Days Without Food – Week 252Yes
Get Rich or Die Streaming: Making Money on Twitch.tv52No
iPad vs. Laptop: How I Work Entirely From an iPad Pro53No
Sh*t, I’m F*cked: Payal Kadakia, Founder of ClassPass53No
How I Profited $100,000 on Teespring in Just 5 Months53Yes
You Can Get Paid for Answering Questions on Quora Now53No
Why 2016 Is The Best Time to Be Gay in Silicon Valley53Yes
The Richest Entrepreneurs Say You Need to Write Better54No
The 40% Rule: A Navy SEAL’s Secret to Mental Toughness54Yes
Motivated Employees Can Increase Profits by Almost 50%54Yes
How to Steal $100 Million from the Parisian Government54Yes
The Apps That Trick You Into Being 50% More Productive54Yes
Why You Shouldn’t Get Off Your Parent’s Cellphone Plan54No
Spotify Now Lets Users Listen to TV Shows and Podcasts54No
A Surprisingly Large Amount of Amazon Reviews Are Fake54No
Virtual Reality Is the New $1 Billion Frontier of Porn54Yes
How ‘House of Cards’ Changed the Content Marketing Game55No
Nootropics: Week Two Testing Silicon Valley Smart Drugs55No
You Can Make a Lot of Money Scaring People For a Living55No
Spain Has Been in the Wrong Time Zone for Over 70 Years55Yes
Jules Verne: The Sci-Fi Author Who Predicted the Future55No
7 Netflix Documentaries Every Entrepreneur Should Watch55Yes
Nootrobox Nootropics Experiment: How They Worked For Me55No
Proof That a Million Dollars Isn’t as Much as You Think55No
Soylent: What Happened When I Went 30 Days Without Food55Yes
Meet the Free Help Guy, the Internet’s Answer to Batman55No
People Who Sleep Late Are More Intelligent and Creative55No
“I Spent a Month in Syria and Iraq. Here’s What I Saw.”55No
The Secret Airline Passenger Rights You Don’t Know About56No
The Most Successful People Are a Double Threat (or More)56No
Cold Email: Here’s the Best Cold Email You’ll Ever Write56No
How a Non-Technical Founder Launches a Technical Product56No
The Cynical Startup That Gets Paid When Couples Split Up56No
We Partied at the Crunchies 2016, the Oscars for Techies56Yes
How the World’s Biggest Junk Empire Nearly Went Bankrupt56No
The Hustle’s First 1,000,000 Readers – Our 5 Month Update57Yes
Nootropics: Week Three Testing Silicon Valley Smart Drugs57No
Living the Most Productive Week in the History of Mankind57No
The “Grow Your Own Marijuana at Home” Industry Is Booming57No
We’re Doing a Live Interview with Tim Ferriss…Wanna Come?57No
Infographic: Inside the Straight Men Selling Sex Industry57No
How the sharing economy makes us trust complete strangers57No
What People Said About Snapchat When It Was Just a Startup58No
How Two Women Turned a Joke Into a Business That Sells Men58No
Part 2: Proof That Your Favorite Startup Started Out Awful58Yes
This 23-Year Old Makes a Full-Time Living From Kickstarter58Yes
What Biggie Smalls and Tupac Sounded Like When They Were 2159Yes
Snapchat vs. SpaceX: Battle of the Imitators and Innovators59No
How NerdWallet Used Content to Build a $520 Million Company59Yes
Did the Mexican Government Invest in the Gangster El Chapo?59No
These 3 TED Talks Will Help You Make Your Next Big Decision59Yes
Who makes those insanely specific t-shirts on the internet?59No
NBA Stars Who Became Successful Entrepreneurs and Investors59No
Pharma Bro: Evil Douchebag or Genius Businessman? You Decide60No
How One 17-Year-Old Coded a #1 App and Got Hired by Facebook60Yes
From Miserable New York Lawyer to Wine-In-A-Box Entrepreneur60No
The CIA’s Guide to Sabotage Tells You What NOT to Do at Work60No
Nootropics: What Happened When I Went 30 Days On Smart Drugs60Yes
The Pet Funeral Industry Makes 100 Million Dollars in Profit60Yes
I wore the same thing for 30 days and descended into madness60Yes
How the Million Dollar Homepage kid became the $250m app man60Yes
Photo Essay: Burning Man is the Real Life Version of Mad Max60No
Did Airbnb, Medium, Beats, and Flipboard Rip off Their Logos?61No
WOLACO: How to Build a Company with Basically No Seed Funding61No
Google Has a Secret Interview Process… And It Landed Me a Job61No
How a Solo, Non-Technical Founder Created a 80-Person Startup61Yes
What People Were Saying About Uber When It Was Just a Startup61No
How Much do YouTubers Make: Top Earning YouTube Stars in 201561Yes
Johanna Basford’s Adult Coloring Books Are the New Meditation61No
Trampoline Dodgeball Is a $250 Million Dollar A Year Business61Yes
This is Spotify’s Best Feature… And No One Ever Talks About It62No
A Manager at Google Wrote the Perfect Email on Time Management62No
I’ve Discovered the Greatest Playlist Ever to Crush It at Work62No
This 22-Year-Old Kid Fucked With the Airline Industry… and Won62Yes
You Can Now Buy an FDA-Approved Syringe to Plug Gunshot Wounds62No
I’ll Do It Later: Why You Shouldn’t Worry About Procrastinating63No
I fasted for 2 weeks to see if it would make me more productive63Yes
How Much Money Do Startup Founders Have In Their Bank Accounts?63No
How Ramit Sethi Launched a Product That Generated $5m in a Week63Yes
This Website Simulates What It Feels Like to Read With Dyslexia63No
10 Amazing Entrepreneurs Who Had Accomplished Nothing By Age 3063Yes
Part 1: Confessions from the Underground World of Kindle eBooks63Yes
How To Automate The Hiring Process In 3 Steps – With Jack Smith63Yes
The 20 Best Silicon Valley Inspired Halloween Costumes From 201564Yes
The Mast Brothers $10 Artisanal Chocolate Bar is a Complete Sham64Yes
Cinemagram: Photographer Turns Making GIFs Into Lucrative Career64No
Trump’s Brilliant but Evil Marketing Ploy That’s Tricking Us All64No
How I’m Riding My Bike From Canada to Argentina With Only $1,80064Yes
8 Ways Billionaires & Elite Athletes Perform at the Highest Level65Yes
Edit any website like it’s a word doc, directly from your browser65No
How a Non-Technical Founder Grew and Sold His Startup for Millions66No
Why this first-time founder fired her 400-person company overnight66Yes
Rocket Internet: What It’s Like to Work at a Startup Clone Factory66No
How People Describe Working for the Most Powerful Leaders on Earth66No
reCAPTCHA: The Genius Who’s Tricking the World Into Doing His Work66No
Life in the Silicon Prairie: Tech’s great migration to the Midwest66No
Whoever Said Dogs Are Good for the Office Environment Is Full of It67No
Alex Stevens Makes 90% of all Ugly Christmas Sweaters on the Market67Yes
Spikeball Hit Over $1m in Annual Revenue With 0 Full-Time Employees67Yes
Silicon Valley Tech Workers Are Taking LSD to Increase Productivity67No
Sears screwed over a small-time wrench inventor — but he fought back68No
MUST READ: Marc Andreessen Explains How to Succeed in the Media Game68No
The Pitch Podcast Is Like Shark Tank Except Ten Times More Realistic68No
Broke Artist Believed in Sean Parker… Makes $200m Off Facebook Stock68Yes
Chubbies Shorts, a Brotastic Startup, Has the Best Content Marketing68No
4 Thugged Out Internet Tactics I Used to Get Noticed on the Internet68Yes
Depression Among Entrepreneurs is an Epidemic Nobody is Talking About69No
How to Start a Sales Team in 2 Weeks With Less Than $300/Month Budget69Yes
According to New Research, You Should Probably Start Your Own Business70No
The Guy Who Leaked Dozens of Celebrities’ Naked Photos Has Been Caught70No
Why Buffy The Vampire Slayer Launched Celebrity Food Startup Foodstirs70No
YouTube Celeb Casey Neistat: Legacy Media Companies Are Utterly F*cked70No
Part 2: Confessions from the Scammy, Underground World of Kindle eBooks71Yes
“The most important thing in communication is hearing what isn’t said.”71No
Stop Complaining: Data Shows Being an Underdog is Actually an Advantage71No
What Is It Like to Be a Very Attractive Single Woman in Silicon Valley?71No
Part 3: Confessions from the Scammy, Underground World of Kindle eBooks71Yes
The 5 Biggest Achievements and Lessons of The Hustle Sales Team in 201771Yes
We Can’t Tell the Difference Between Pixar’s Animations and Real Photos71No
Part 2: 10 Amazing Entrepreneurs Who Had Accomplished Nothing By Age 3071Yes
Eureka Moment: How to Get the Life Changing Effect of LSD, Without Drugs72No
The History of Warren Buffet’s Weath: Here’s How Rich He Was at Your Age72No
Watch a Man Describe Modern Technology After Spending 45 Years in Prison72Yes
This Guy Turned His Resumé Into a Music Album and Uploaded It to Spotify72No
Microdosing: I Spent 14 Days Using LSD to Increase Productivity… Kind Of72Yes
How one Florida retirement home became ground zero for self-driving cars72No
Learn From Entrepreneur Jack Smith, Founder of Two $100 Million Businesses74Yes
How one man built The Sharper Image into the world’s wackiest gadget store74No
20 cringeworthy AIM screen names of successful, white collar professionals74Yes
The Dutch Formula: How to Build a Multi-Million Dollar Company in 12 Months75Yes
According to OkCupid, These Are the Emojis That’ll Most Likely Get You Laid75No
ANNOUNCEMENT: The Hustle is Coming to LA, NYC, SF, Chicago, Boston, Seattle75No
“We have gone to exceptional lengths to hire the best people in the world.”75No
The Storytelling Secrets That Netted Matt Stone and Trey Parker $600 Million76Yes
Dan Price, the Gravity Payments CEO Paying Everyone $70,000, Is Full of Shit76Yes
Brain.FM: This Productivity Software Alters Your Brainwaves to Increase Focus77No
I Just Accidentally Discovered That a World-Renowned Investor Is Full of Shit77No
Write Like The Hustle: The Boring Stuff About Writing That No One Talks About77No
The rise and demise of the AAirpass, American Airlines’ $250k lifetime ticket77Yes
How Porn Star Sasha Grey Removed 1000’s of Dicks From Internet Search Results77Yes
How Pandora’s Founder Convinced 50 Early Employees to Work 2 Years Without Pay78Yes
How to make extra cash selling useful guides on pretty much anything (a guide)78No
How Pandora’s Founder Convinced 50 Early Employees to Work 2 Years Without Pay78Yes
Excuse Me, Why Are We Not Included in Any of The “Coolest Offices in SF” Lists?79No
Here’s What The Future Looks Like When Freelancers Make Up 40% Of The Workforce79Yes
Buffer: From Revenue on Day 4 to $3.5 Million a Year. Here’s How Buffer Started79Yes
These High-Tech Water Bottles Will Make You Roll Your Eyes… and Change Your Life80No
How to Throw a Viral Marketing Event: Lessons From Ace & Everett’s 100 Man March80Yes
Cocaine, boats, and backgammon: The insane life of Rocky Aoki, Benihana’s founder81No
Part 3: Three People Who Ditched Cubicle Life and Turned the Road Into Their Home81Yes
Why Going Back to a Flip Phone Will Make You a Happier and More Successful Person81No
Part 2: Three People Who Ditched Cubicle Life and Turned the Road Into Their Home81Yes
Part 1: Three People Who Ditched Cubicle Life and Turned the Road Into Their Home81Yes
Nootropics: Can a Smart Pill Increase Your Focus and Intelligence? Let’s Find Out81No
The Founder of a New Amazon Competitor Explains How They Did $3 Billion After Year 384Yes
Brains, planes, and automobiles: 3D printing is changing the way we make… everything84Yes
Meet the People Making a Full-Time Living From Instagram, Kickstarter, and Teespring84No
How a 27-Year-Old College Dropout Went From Failed Startup to $18.5 Million in Funding86Yes
Tai Lopez Is the Internet’s Most Hated Entrepreneur and That’s Why He Is so Successful86No
“I spent nearly 15 years in banking. Here are my 10 best pieces of advice about money.”87Yes
A Hacker Shows How Easy It Is to Hack Someone’s Webcam and Secretly Take Photos of Them87No
Meet the Minnesota family that turned a soda machine company into a surveillance empire87No
DraftKings and FanDuel, Both Billion Dollar Companies, Will Be Out of Business 24 Months88Yes
How The Bonobos Founder Went from “Insufficient ATM Funds” to Over $100 Million in Revenue90Yes
Inside the World of Podcasting, Where Even the Big Boys Have to Ask Listeners for Donations91No
Michael Burry, the Real Life Genius From the Big Short, Says Another Bust Is About to Happen92No
A decade before crypto, one digital currency conquered the world — then failed spectacularly92No
How We Created the Conor McGregor “F You” Suits in Ten Days and Made $23,000 in Our First Week94Yes
This Men’s Fashion Startup is KILLING Content Marketing: 7 Tactics Learned from Chubbies Shorts95Yes
How Udemy Found Their First 1,000 Instructors… Tips For Building a Marketplace with Gagan Biyani96Yes
Ruthless Companies Who Lied, Spammed, and Deceived Users to Grow Their Company in The Early Days96No
The Art of Saying No: Why This 25-Year-Old Entrepreneur Turned Down a Chance to Be on Shark Tank96Yes
The Company Who Made Clash of Clans Is Worth More Than Evernote, Eventbrite, and BuzzFeed Combined98No
How Two Founders With Zero Experience Built a Profitable Media Company with 3,000,000 Monthly Readers in Less Than a Year121Yes

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wework wecrashed timeline

While I understand over zealous management killed off WeWork, I am a bit saddened by this because I had WeWork offices all over the place and loved them.

Of alllll …