Homepage with images that describe & sell

This app automatically applies promo codes when online shopping. The site features images of super popular consumer products with a small bubble indicating how much money was saved using a promo code. This is a powerful and simple ways to show the benefits of the app.

The 3 simple steps it takes for the app to do its magic is outlined in the center of the photo collage all the way down the page ending with a CTA.

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The Learning Pyramid

Learning can take many forms, and some are better than others:

• Lecture: 5% (Average Retention Rate)
• Reading: 10%
• Audio/Visual: 20%
• Demonstration: 30%
• Group Discussion: 50%…

How couples meet graphic

WOW. Look how rapidly online dating became the primary way couples meet.

I meet people who don’t like using dating apps, but by the math of it, it’s almost FOOLISH …