Headlines that make it urgent

These are some power words for driving sales by making people feel a sense of urgency.

17 hours left.
17 hours left on this special deal.
17 hours left on this one-time-only deal.
17 hours before this deal expires.
17 hours before this goes away forever.
17 hours left before this deal goes to Deal Heaven forever.
3 units left in stock.
3 of these are left. After that, they’re gone forever.
Only 3 spots are open.
Only 3 spots are left.
Only 3 seats are available for this one-time event.
Only 3 tickets left, and a lot of interest in them.
I hate to say this, but we’re about 4 minutes from being sold out.
First come, First serve.
This is one a first-come-first-serve basis.
Hurry up, it’s almost over.
If you want to start this month, you have to buy today.
This won’t happen again for another 6 months.
Buy it now or forever hold your peace.
Have fun paying full price after this deal is over.
50% off for just today.
50% off this holiday season only.
50% while we’re overstocked.
50% off the full price for today only.
$120 off the full price.
Prices go up tomorrow.
Due to demand, prices go up tomorrow.
Don’t wait till tomorrow, this deal will be gone.
If you like paying more for the same item, then wait till tomorrow.
This is a great deal. Grab it now while it lasts.
This promo is almost over.
You won’t see this price for another 12 months.
It’s going to be hard to beat this deal.
Limited time only.
5…4…3…2…1…this deal is almost over.
A stupidly-low price for just a little while longer.
This kind of deal only happens when we’re over stocked.
This doesn’t happen often, so grab it now.
For a short while you get the product, but also ALL these bonuses.
Keep this private….but we’re closing out the month and I need to meet a quota, so if you buy now I’ll knock 30% off the cost.
There are big shortages in the supply chain, so once this batch is sold out the price will increase.
We had a great year, so we’re giving everyone 20% off for our birthday.
Here’s a $25 coupon you can use for this month.

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Of alllll …