PJRVS Minimalist Home Page

Paul Jarvis writes about businesses that deliberately stay small and focus on quality > quantity.

His homepage is simple, easy, and not pushy at all – it’s a great representation of Paul and what he stands for.

pjrvs home page with comments


What’s great about it:

  • The home page is simple – it’s just 86 words and an email opt-in
  • It’s a quick and efficient intro to Paul, highlighting his best projects
  • Even though it’s focused on the email opt-in, the page doesn’t force you to sign up. Other page links are available if you’d rather read more about Paul before joining his list.
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MoonClerk home page

MoonClerk’s home page is really strong, from top to bottom.

  • It starts off with a great headline that explains exactly what MoonClerk does (and how quickly it does it).
  • It

Oberlo Home Page

Oberlo’s home page is great.

  • The hero section is clear, direct, and easy to understand.
  • It’s got a great image highlighting an attractive benefit (potential ROI).
  • The CTA is