Home Page

Figma is a collaborative design tool that can be used to build prototypes, wireframes, storyboards, (and pretty much anything else).


Their home page is great because:

  • It shows off the tools in action, via videos and GIFs throughout the page.
  • It’s got plenty of social proof, recognizable client logos, and strong testimonials.
  • It’s a fun page to read, with colors that pop and eye-catching explainer images.


Here’s how the page is built:

  1. Headline that prioritizes collaboration.
  2. CTAs offering a free trial or a demo video.
  3. A great explainer video showing some basic tasks being executed.
  4. Strong lineup of familiar brand logos.
  5. More features (with screenshots of what they actually look like, not just a list).
  6. Testimonial.
  7. A big benefit (with another demo GIF).
  8. Another big benefit (with screenshots).
  9. Testimonial.
  10. Another feature/benefit (with demo GIF).
  11. Testimonial.
  12. CTA sign up for free.
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