“Give Me One Evening and I’ll Give You a Push-Button Memory”

What a FANTASTIC line! Here’s what makes it kick-ass:

  • It implies an immediate benefit: A better memory.
  • It’s very specific on what you get: A “push-button” memory.
  • It shows the time-frame you can get results: In one evening.
  • It’s a clear trade: You give me THIS…..I give you THAT in return.
  • Kind of sums up the entire thing….in one kick-ass little sentence.

So you can apply it to your own business in many ways:

  • “Give me two hours, and I’ll show you how to get 4 dates a week.”
  • “Trade us one weekend, and we’ll show you how to double your real estate leads.”
  • “Trade me 47 bucks, and I’ll show you how I made a digital product that sold 20,000 copies”
  • “For the cost of a large pizza, I’ll let give you a personal tour inside my $250,000/year internet business”