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Here’s a full scrape of headlines and titles from SmartBlogger:

How to Be Unforgettable23No
99 Ways to Get Inspired to Write32Yes
7 Cruel Ways Writers Torture Themselves39Yes
A Christmas Carol for Bloggers Everywhere41No
How to Be Smart in a World of Dumb Bloggers43No
The Compact Guide to Grammar for Busy People44No
How to Write a Blog Post – The Ultimate Guide45No
The Wild and Crazy Guide to Writing Sentences45No
Google Says Guest Blogging Is Dead. Is It True?47No
Goodbye Boost Blog Traffic. Hello Smart Blogger47No
The Awesome Power of Seemingly Pointless Stories48No
36 Outrageous Headlines You Can’t Help but Click48Yes
Is Your Writing Missing This Crucial Ingredient?48No
8 Old-School Blogging Tactics That No Longer Work49Yes
The Brutally Honest Guide to Being Brutally Honest50No
11 Lame Excuses That Successful Bloggers Never Make51Yes
6 SEO Mistakes That’ll Make Google Hate You Forever51Yes
The Ultimate Guide to Writing Irresistible Subheads51No
13 WordPress Plugins That’ll Save You a Ton of Time51Yes
Writer’s Block: 27 Techniques to Overcome It Forever52Yes
43 Creative Ways to Breathe Life Back Into Your Blog52Yes
25 Valuable Lessons from Seriously Successful Writers53Yes
5 Things to Do If You Want to Fail at Online Business53Yes
27 WordPress Hacks Every Serious Blogger Needs to Know54Yes
The Secret Sauce That Made These 7 Blog Posts Go Viral54Yes
The Simple Favor That Wins You Powerful Friends Online54No
The Underdog’s Guide to Building an Unforgettable Blog54No
Fight Club’s 8 Rules for Writing that Creates a Ruckus54Yes
Why All Bloggers Should Offer Coaching (Yes, Even You)54No
How to Make Money Blogging: The $5.3 Million Case Study55Yes
How to Write a Book, Even If Your Life Is Insanely Busy55No
5 Myths of Traffic Generation That Seriously Need to Die56Yes
21 Warning Signs You Chose the Wrong Topic for Your Blog56Yes
63 Blogging Tools That Will Make You Insanely Productive56Yes
11 Reasons People Bounce from Your Blog and Never Return56Yes
5 Steps to Creating an Everlasting Gobstopper of Traffic56Yes
4 Ways to Slash Comment Spam (Before It Kills Your Blog)56Yes
21 Dumb Mistakes to Avoid When Writing Your First E-book56Yes
An Open Letter to Bloggers Struggling to Get More Traffic57No
7 Tips for Writers Drowning in a Sea of Unwritten Content57Yes
10 Things You Need to Do After You Publish Your Blog Post57Yes
6 Best WordPress Backup Plugins Compared (100% Objective)57Yes
How to Start a Blog in 2018: New Method That’s 20X Faster57Yes
An Open Letter to Writers Struggling to Find Their Courage58No
9 Essential Books That Will Transform Your Writing Forever58Yes
How to Write Blog Comments That Stand Out (Plus Examples!)58No
Is WordPress.com Really Free? 7 Reasons Only Chumps Use It58Yes
21 Posts That’ll Help You Decide What Type of Writer to Be58Yes
Why Most “How to” Posts Suck (and How to Write Great Ones)58No
595 Power Words That’ll Instantly Make You a Better Writer58Yes
Serious Bloggers Only is Live! (Grab Your Free Membership)58No
The 5 Best Free Blogging Platforms in 2019 (100% Unbiased)58Yes
48 Creative Geniuses Who Use Blogging to Promote Their Art58Yes
9 Surefire Strategies for Standing Out in a Sea of Sameness59Yes
24 Posts to Inspire Independent-Spirited Writers Everywhere59Yes
The Ultimate Guide to Making Your Site More Mobile-Friendly59No
How to Get Paid to Write for Magazines – The Ultimate Guide59No
11 Traffic Techniques That Are a Waste of Time for Beginners60Yes
58 Tips for Transforming Your Blog and Dazzling Your Readers60Yes
5 Strange and Wondrous Techniques for Spicing up Your Writing61Yes
The Guilt-Free Guide to Earning an Honest Buck from Your Blog61No
The Best of Smart Blogger 2014 (and How to Kick Butt in 2015)61Yes
How I Got 532 Subscribers in 43 Days Using Cheap Facebook Ads61Yes
13 Authority Hacks That Give You Instant Expert Status Online61Yes
The 7 Dumbest Mistakes You Can Make When Launching a New Blog61Yes
How to Add Google Analytics to WordPress in 5 Minutes or Less61Yes
The Epic Content Cycle: 10 Steps to 10X Content [Infographic]61Yes
Why You Shouldn’t Create a Newsletter (and What to Do Instead)62No
16 Bloggers Who Make Enough Money to Travel the World in Style62Yes
How to Turn Quora into a Traffic-Driving Machine for Your Blog62No
10 Simple Twitter Tactics That Will Get You More Traffic Today62Yes
5 Things Nobody Tells You About Making Money in Your Underwear62Yes
How to Make Money Writing: 5 Ways to Get Paid to Write in 201862Yes
7 Emails You Should Send Your Subscribers (But Probably Don’t)62Yes
How to Write a Paragraph in 2017 (Yes, the Rules Have Changed)62Yes
How to Write Faster: 10 Crafty Ways to Hit 1,000 Words Per Hour63Yes
9 Ways to Go Viral on Pinterest and Get an Avalanche of Traffic63Yes
Are You Damaging Your Email List with These 11 Rookie Mistakes?63Yes
Why You’re Wasting Your Welcome Email (and What to Do About It)63No
A Practical, No-Nonsense Guide to Earning Passive Income Online63No
Stephen King’s 20 Tips for Becoming a Frighteningly Good Writer63Yes
14 Devious Tactics for Getting More Comments on Your Blog Posts63Yes
7 Totally Legitimate Ways to Make Passive Income from Your Blog63Yes
What the Heck Is Ghostwriting? (And Why You Might Want to Do It)64No
Why You Shouldn’t Start a Podcast or YouTube Channel (Seriously)64No
The Simple Blog Tweak That Gets You More Social Shares Right Now64No
Case Study: How to Increase Your Traffic by 226% in Just 60 Days64Yes
16 Ways to Caffeinate Your Content and Give Your Audience a Buzz64Yes
8 Ways to Make Old and Boring Topics Feel New and Exciting Again64Yes
How to Become a Confident Expert (and Stop Feeling Like a Fraud)64No
12 Blogging Mistakes That Make You Look like a World-Class Idiot64Yes
The Blogger’s Guide to Telling Stories That Win Hearts and Minds64No
The Surprisingly Simple Secret to Knowing What Your Readers Want64No
7 Ways You Can Repurpose Your Old Blog Posts to Get More Traffic64Yes
101 Writing Resources That’ll Take You from Stuck to Unstoppable64Yes
10 Tried and True Tactics for Getting Your First Coaching Client64Yes
7 Editing Tips That’ll Make You a Better Writer (with Examples!)64Yes
3 Questions Your Blog Must Answer or Be Doomed to Wither and Die64Yes
9 Irresistible Incentives That’ll Grow Your Email List Like Crazy65Yes
The Only 6 Posts Worth Writing (and How to Totally Nail Each One)65Yes
How to Create Content People Will Still Remember in 5 Years’ Time65Yes
Why You Suck at Guest Blogging (and What The Pros Do Differently)65No
Why Your Site Gets Such Pitiful Traffic (and What to Do about It)65No
Why Your Blog Needs a Tagline (and How to Create the Perfect One)65No
7 Warning Signs Your Free WordPress Theme is Sabotaging Your Blog65Yes
How to Get More Traffic from Every Post by Republishing on Medium65No
Is Your WordPress Blog Slower Than You Think? (And How to Fix It)65No
WordPress Hosting: A Brutally Honest Guide That’ll Save You Money65No
How to Write an eBook That Goes Viral and Gets You Tons of Traffic66No
Why Posting Every Day is a Silly Strategy (And What to Do Instead)66No
Why Most Writing Tips Are Useless (and How to Really Up Your Game)66No
5 Silly Ways You’re Sabotaging Your Blog without Even Realizing It66Yes
The Metallica Guide to Building a Global Audience of Ravenous Fans66No
The Quickest and Easiest Way to Create a List Post That Goes Viral66No
Ignored Your Blog for Months? 13 Tips for Getting It Back on Track66Yes
7 Ways to Fascinate Your Readers and Build a Hugely Loyal Following67Yes
297 Flabby Words and Phrases That Rob Your Writing of All Its Power67Yes
10 Posts That’ll Instantly Put You in the Top 1% of Traffic Experts67Yes
How to Interview Influencers (Even If You’d Rather Curl up and Die)67No
How to Accelerate Your Blog’s Growth with a Simple Content Strategy67No
26 Writing Exercises That’ll Give Your Content More Punch and Power67Yes
31 Insanely Useful Resources for Writing a Bestselling Book in 201767Yes
Suicide, Shame, and the Painful Truth about Accomplishing Your Goals68No
10 Creative Places for Opt-In Forms That’ll Supercharge Your Signups68Yes
7 Psychological Tricks for Turning Fleeting Visitors into Loyal Fans68Yes
How to Craft Tweetable Quotes That Spread Your Content like Wildfire68No
How to Start a Coaching Business and Look Like a Pro from the Get-Go68No
22 Posts to Model If You Want to Get the Respect You Deserve in 201568Yes
How to Run a Simple Contest and Add 500 New Subscribers to Your List68Yes
The Sneaky Way to Create Products that Sell Like Crazy… from Day One68No
How to Profile Your Ideal Reader with (Perfectly Legal) Surveillance68No
4 Bombproof Formulas for Openings That Grab Readers and Don’t Let Go68Yes
From Zero to Hero: Make These 3 Small Tweaks and Dominate Your Niche68Yes
What the Heck is GDPR? (and How to Make Sure Your Blog Is Compliant)68No
How to Get Insane Amounts of Traffic and Subscribers from SlideShare68No
The Forrest Gump Guide to Writing That Bites Readers in the Buttocks68No
The Sin of Originality (and the Truth about Building a Popular Blog)68No
Why Your Blog Is Going Nowhere (and the Truth about Getting Traffic)68No
Best of 2017: Our Favorite Posts for Writers from the Last 12 Months68Yes
10 Writing Tips You Absolutely Won’t Have Heard Anywhere Else Before68Yes
3 Simple Blog Graphics You Can Create (Even if You’re Not a Designer)69Yes
The Insider’s Guide to Running a Six-Figure Membership Site from Home69No
20 Ways to Be Just Another Mediocre Blogger Nobody Gives a Crap About69Yes
18 Seductive Writing Tips That’ll Leave Your Readers Begging for More69Yes
9 Reasons Why Running a Popular Blog is Like Hosting an Awesome Party69Yes
The Minimalist Guide to Twitter: How to Handle It in 15 Minutes a Day69Yes
How to Catapult Yourself from Diddly Squat to a Booming Online Career69No
45 Resources for People Who Love to Write but Can Never Find the Time69Yes
This Is How 10 Bloggers in Different Niches Make $1 Million+ per Year69Yes
26 Crazy Stories about “OMG!” Opportunities that Blogging Made Happen69Yes
The Obvious Way to Bond with Your Readers That Almost Everyone Ignores70No
How to Write Fear-Fueled Openings Readers Will Be Too Scared to Ignore70No
Why You Don’t Have Enough Time for Your Blog (and What to Do About It)70No
What to Blog About: 3 Steps to Mapping out Your Ideas in a Logical Way70Yes
Affiliate Marketing for Beginners: A Step-By-Step, Comprehensive Guide70No
10 Ways to Exploit Human Nature and Write Amazingly Appealing Headlines71Yes
WP Super Cache Made Easy: A Step-By-Step Guide to Speeding Up Your Site71No
How to Run Your First Webinar (with No Skills, No Stress and No Budget)71No
How to Get Interviewed by Popular Blogs (Even If You’re Not a Big Shot)71No
The Ethical Way to Earn Money Online (Even If You Have Nothing to Sell)71No
How to Write Spellbinding Introductions by Shamelessly Copying the Pros71No
How I Wrote Posts That Touched the Hearts of More Than 5 Million People71Yes
Kindle Publishing for Beginners: How to Make Your First $1,000 on Amazon72Yes
How to Magically Transform Your Boring Blog Using These 3 Types of Videos73Yes
Why a Fancy Logo is a Waste of Time and Money (and What You Need Instead)73No
17 Trigger Words That Work Like Cheat Codes for Getting Your Content Read73Yes
27 Hard-Won Lessons about Writing from New York Times Bestselling Authors73Yes
How to Use Facebook Groups to Get More Traffic and Traction for Your Blog73No
How to Write a Bio that Convinces Readers You’re Their Personal Superhero73No
Blogger Outreach: How to Get Influencers to Promote Your Content for Free73No
25 Posts That’ll Light a Fire Under Your Ass and Make You a Better Writer73Yes
How to Get More Traffic and Traction by Promoting Your Content Like a Boss74No
The Shocking Cost of Running a Blog (and How to Create a Realistic Budget)74No
How to Use Transitional Phrases to Keep Your Readers Sliding Down the Page74No
5 Writing Tricks You Can Swipe from the Professional Journalist’s Playbook74Yes
Warning: Ignoring These 7 WordPress Plugins Could Seriously Damage Your Blog76Yes
7 Ironclad Reasons to Podcast (Even If You Hate the Sound of Your Own Voice)76Yes
Why You Feel Like an Idiot When You Talk About Your Blog (and How to Fix It)76No
For All the Entrepreneurs Confused about How Content Marketing Actually Works77No
15 Persuasion Techniques Stolen from Emails That Make $10K/Month on Autopilot77Yes
The Quick and Dirty Guide to Creating Your “Bribe to Subscribe” in Record Time78No
Advice to Writers Who Feel Like a Fraud (from a Writer Who Feels Like a Fraud)78No
How to Build Relationships with Popular Bloggers (Even If It Scares You Silly)78No
An Open Letter to All the Bloggers Cluttering the Web with Forgettable Content78No
9 Plugins for Growing Your Email List That Work So Well It Feels Like Cheating78Yes
13 Reasons Why Blog Ads Suck for Monetizing Your Site (And What to Do Instead)78Yes
77 Resources That’ll Get You More Traffic Than Naked Pictures of Kim Kardashian79Yes
The Brain-Dead Simple but Astonishingly Effective Way to Become a Better Writer79No
The Ultimate Guide to Creating an Expert Roundup Post That Gets 1000s of Shares79Yes
20 Rules for Writing So Crystal Clear Even Your Dumbest Relative Will Understand80Yes
How to Captivate Your Audience with Humor (Even If You Don’t Think You’re Funny)80No
The Underused Writing Trick That Makes You More Powerful, Popular and Persuasive80No
6 Stunning Visuals That Will Make Your Content Memorable, Sharable, and Beautiful81Yes
A Crash Course in Google Analytics for Anyone Who’s Sick of Feeling Like an Idiot81No
The “Quit Your Job” Checklist: 8 Boxes You Must Tick Before Flipping Off Your Boss82Yes
Why You Shouldn’t Publish New Content during the Holidays (and What to Do Instead)82No
The Blogger’s Bucket List: 20 Must-Reach Milestones on the Path to World Domination83Yes
6 Quick Tricks to Transform Crappy Ideas into Gleaming Nuggets of Undeniable Genius83Yes
Why Your Blog Doesn’t Stand a Chance in Hell of Succeeding (and What To Do About It)84No
How to Get 3,241 Facebook Fans per Day Without Paying for Ads (Incredible Case Study)85Yes
Why Educating Readers Is No Longer Enough (and How to Really Build an Audience in 2014)87Yes
The Ultimate List-Builder’s Resource Guide: 109 Links to Double or Even Triple Your Subscribers95Yes
Demystifying Epic Content: How to Actually Create It (Not Just Jabber About How Important It Is)96No
The Ultimate Content Machine: How We Used Google Docs to Develop 307,000 Words of Spectacular Content101Yes

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While I understand over zealous management killed off WeWork, I am a bit saddened by this because I had WeWork offices all over the place and loved them.

Of alllll …