Healthy eating with gas grill

My eating got 10x better when I installed a gas grill outside my kitchen.

For example here’s lunch the other day:
– Lamb kabob
– Mini peppers
– Asparagus

You really don’t need any extra sauces or prep besides this.

Other friends who bought basic grills said their eating improved immediately as well!

Unless you’re an expert grill’er, I would stay away from “egg shaped” grills or fancy pellet grills with timers and phone apps.

Everyone I see buy those stops using them after 6 months.

My advice for grilling is to buy a regular-ass gas grill (turn knob, flame turns on). It’s super easy to use, and your food will be more delicious.

Yesterday I grilled these up for dinner 😍😍😍


Notes about billionaires

I had a candid conversation with a friend who is very close with 5+ multi-billionaires. Here’s some notes I wrote down from the conversation:

#1.) There’s always people around.

An …