Human attention spans changes because of TikTok and Shorts

This sentiment has been popular lately:
“People’s attention spans have become shorter because of TikTok and Shorts.” 

Human “attention spans” are the exact same…we just have more media options that didn’t exist before.

People used to watch long movies and read long books simply because that’s all they had. That was the entertainment option of the time.

If you teleported phones with TikTok to the 1950’s, everyone would use it!

The human brain hasn’t changed, technology has.

Short content relays MORE information to people in a shorter amount of time, so it’s not crazy to think people would consume it.

Attention span hasn’t necessarily decreased, we’ve just compressed the amount of time it takes to relay a message by eliminating all errs, umms, pauses, and useless information.

With that said, it seems the best way to consume media is:
• Short Form = Discovery + entertainment
• Long Form = Go deep on a subject

It’s cool we have so many options now!

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