Notes about billionaires

I had a candid conversation with a friend who is very close with 5+ multi-billionaires. Here’s some notes I wrote down from the conversation:

#1.) There’s always people around.

An assistant, a hair person, security, nanny, chef, maid, driver. There’s not really times when you’re completely alone.


#2.) You can make your house like the fanciest spa or hotel you’ve ever been to.

Did you like a hammam at a high end resort in Morocco? You can hire the same company to build you a personal one.

Did you like the bathroom at your W Hotel Shanghai suite? Replicate at home.


#3.) Weird realms of possibility open up at that level of wealth.

You can buy/rent ANY physical thing. Think about how that impacts what you do.

See a cool plane? You can afford two.

Have a cool plot of land but can’t land your planes there? Build an airstrip, hangar, and private road.

Like a specific car but have houses in California and France? Buy two and put one at each home.

Did you want to speak with someone but don’t want to fly to them? Send a plane to bring them to you.

These totally “not normal” things are accessible.


#4.) Access to anything gets so much easier.

Want to meet a rockstar or talk to a foreign country’s ambassador or president? It can be arranged.

There’s a whole team of people with an unlimited budget working on whatever weird whim you have.


5.) If you buy a yacht or cool plane, everyone wants a ride in it.

Politicians, business people, or anyone becomes grateful to you for the opportunity. Influence becomes easier.


6.) It becomes difficult after $500m+ to relate to normal people.

Developing new friendships with normies is harder, as people often have other motives for befriending you. Having a “normal” relationship with a boyfriend/girlfriend/spouse becomes harder because the power dynamic is so tilted.


I’m not saying any of these things are “good” or “bad”…rather just interesting observations picked up.