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I used my iPhone as a webcam

Speaking of pictures….I used my iPhone as a webcam for the first time and it’s amazing. The quality seems higher than my DSLR’s!

Also in Control Center there’s 3 different …

Who else is like this? 😂

Also it’s SXSW time in Austin and there’s so many meetup/event thingies going on. Went to one yesterday thrown by my friends Nick and …


Short video results

I’ve been very resistant to these “Shorts” videos for a while….but I’m not gonna deny some of these results.

Suuurreee the numbers are all probably highly inflated, but it’s an …

Project chainsaw

I did a fun project today:

Step 1.) Bought a chainsaw on a long pole

Step 2.) Climbed onto the roof with the chainsaw 😎

Step 3.) Clear out some