The Man In The Hathaway Shirt Champagne Ad

This is one of the classic Ogilvy ads in the “Man In The Hathaway Shirt” series.  In it’s day, it was much like the “Most Interesting Man In The World” Dos Equis advertisements.


“ HATHAWAY’s AERTEX CLUB SHIRTS COME IN NAVY BLUE AND 5 OTHER MANLY SHADES , ABOUT $9.50 Hathaway’s Aertex, Club—a damnably smart leisure shirt (with 987693 tiny windows to keep you cool ) UR hero is celebrating a modest The elegance is the work of Hathaway’s Other blessings: flatstrong seams triumph. He has just discovered a nimble-fingered cutters. You can de Well-nigh indestructible buttons. And leisure shirt that is cool and elegant . tect several of their cunning touches in a pair of virtuously long shirt tails that The coolness comes from the fabric, the Club shirt above, won’t slither out of your trousers. English Aertex. A shirt of this airy stuff First, the body is tapered for a sleek For names of stores and has 987,693 tiny windowswhich let fit round the midsection. No bagginess, this free Dictionary of Shirts your body breathe. They make Aertex Next , the collar stands a mite higher and Shirtings, write C. F the coolest weave you can wear and on the neck than ordinary collars. Hathaway, Waterville, probably the healthiest. (It was in – Much more spruce and tidy, especially Maine. Or in New York, vented by an English doctor) under your sport coat or with an ascot, call Oxford 7-5566 . “Never wear a white shirt before sundown!” says Hathaway. Shirts and nine ”