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cem hurturk portfolio
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Profile Image

This shows who we're talking about in this portfolio.

Social Media Links

Nice and compact, and people can pick-n-choose which they want to see.

"Who Am I" Section

This is a nice little intro. Since people don't know Cem already, this helps describe him.

Cool Co-Founder List

This gives people a sense of what Cem is involved in.

Articles He's Written

This way people can check out some of his writing.

Favorite Books Section

A cool way to show off his favorite books, and maybe even throw in an Amazon affiliate link!

Contact Info

You gotta let people know how to get in touch!

Personal Achievements

Kind of builds a more complete picture of the person.


This is a GREAT way of showing cool things you've done throughout the years.

Big Ole' Name

This shows who we're talking about.

Get people signed up to email

If someone is curious enough to be checking out your portfolio, they might be interested in following you on email. This helps build your audience.

This is a sweet little home page and bio for Cem Hurturk that’s extremely simple, but gets across who he is very effectively. So simple and good!

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