Built With Three Tiered Pricing Structure

built with pricing structure
Low Priced Option The "Right" Medium Option Most Expensive Option Monthly & Yearly Pricing

Low Priced Option

This is a low price option so it doesn't scare potential customers away.

The "Right" Medium Option

This is the optimal price they want you to signup with, as it's the best value for both customer and seller. They even highlight it to "nudge" you to click it.

Most Expensive Option

It's there to accept money from enterprise level companies. If they only offered this, it might be out of most people's price ranges.

Monthly & Yearly Pricing

There's a nice little toggle button to let people see monthly or yearly pricing.

This is an awesome pricing structure that is:

  • Easy to read and understand.
  • Looks very clean and professional.
  • Makes it obvious which is the best plan (the middle one).

They make good use of three tiered pricing, where there’s a cheap option, medium option (optimal), and expensive option:

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