Emails and weekly newsletters

81% of people say that email is their primary form of communication at work because it’s:

• Time-stamped
• Reliable
• Archivable
• Deposition ready

I will say a huge portion of my introductions and initial contact with people is now over social networks, but when it comes to making sales (according to my own business and clients businesses), email is still reigning king:

Email is hard to replace because it keeps evolving. Email in 1999 is not the same as email is 2022, it’s barely the same product:
• Spam is wayyyyy down.
• Images and gifs load easily.
• Gmail Tabs help sort junk and notification emails.
• You can store unlimited emails.
• You can send gigantic attachments.
• Easy to sort email in folders.
• Email is accessible on any device, through many different platforms.

Even social networks use email to get you back. I get roughly 2-3 notification emails a day from Facebook alone.

Anyways, email might be useful thing to learn in 2023! Like how I build this newsletter every week: