Jaspr which makes high end air purifier

I’ve had a sponsor lined up for a while called Jaspr which makes high end air purifiers, and since the sky in many parts of the USA and Canada currently looks like this, we decided to release this promo early 😬

This is my Jaspr Air Purifier (or as I call it: “A big-ass Alexa”).

Here’s some of what it does:

I have one, and here’s the quick run-down of why I like it:
1.) It looks like a big-ass Alexa so it blends in the room.
2.) It’s incredibly simple. I don’t like annoying complex devices.
3.) It clears out a ton of air in very little time (I use it when we cook Indian food….and one time while contractors were doing tile work that “dusted up” my house, I ran this for 5 minutes and it cleared the entire floor).

Here’s mine hiding in the background of a room:

This thing is industrial size, look how big it is, so it cleans a lot of air quickly:

I generally leave it on “Smart Mode” and it just….handles everything.

I also like the “Turbo Mode” which goes on super-high for 5 minutes, then goes back down to normal (this is what doctors offices do between patients to clean the room).

Grab one here, and get $200 off with code: SWIPES200

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