Ramit Sethi engagement email.

This is an email that attempts to get people to respond to Ramit’s email by asking a question surely A LOT of people have a response to.


Subject:I’m getting married soon: What’s your advice for me?


Hi [NAME],

I’d like to get some advice from you.

I recently mentioned that I’m getting married soon and I’d love to know your most insightful, original, unusual piece of advice for getting married.

It can be about the wedding, the first year of marriage, bringing 2 families together … WHATEVER!

I just want to hear from you.

And I thought it’d be fun to get all the advice from 800,000+ people in one place, so we can all see it.

Will you share your best advice on getting married with me?


P.S. Even if you’re not married, I still want to hear from you. Just like an NBA coach doesn’t need to have played in the NBA, sometimes the best advice on marriage comes from people who aren’t married!

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