Roast My Landing Page’s home page

roast my landing page home page
Strong testimonials Up-front value How it Works (another) CTA

  • Headline that identifies a big problem
  • Clear explanation of what how he helps fix it
  • Bullets breaking down how it works

  • Brief explainer video introducing Olly and proving that he knows his stuff.
  • Strong testimonial

  • Relatively clean header with a CTA
  • It's sticky, so it follows you down the page as you scroll. That way, there's always a CTA button available to the reader.

Strong testimonials

Up-front value

  • Focuses on 8 specific issues instead of a vague solution.
  • Includes a couple of actionable tips the reader can implement right away.
  • Implies he's got a proven process to fix your conversion problems
  • Includes a convenient CTA

How it Works

  • Breaks down the project into a clear series of steps.
  • Includes more proof (80 projects done!).
  • Includes another actionable tip the reader can use right away.

(another) CTA

  • Strong contrast vs the rest of the page.
  • Clean, easy to read.
  • Includes the 4th CTA of the page
This is a great landing page selling landing page reviews.
What’s great about it:
  • It’s clean, simple, and direct.
  • It’s packed with proof.
  • It offers a bunch of actionable tips you can use to improve your page (even if you don’t hire Olly).
  • Olly comes across friendly and knowledgeable – a good combination for a consultant.
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