Brian McLeod’s HELLYEAH Copywriting Formula

Holler at ‘em – Gain their attention
Empathize with ‘em – give them some back story
Lambast the *******s that created the problem they’re having
Legwork – show ‘em that you walk the walk (prove it)
Yes, there is a solution, and you have it…
Educate them on why your solution is the best fit for them
Action – demand that they take it, right now
Handle any lingering doubt or objections with risk reversal

Do your readers need a little more of a push? Try this formula for a more aggressive campaign.

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The 22 Rules of Storytelling by Pixar

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Testimonial Script

Hey there!  We’re trying to see what you thought of _____________ you bought.

We’d completely love it if you responded to these few questions:

1.) What is your name?