YouTube Shorts cold emails

The most common cold email I got this year was people/agencies offering to make YouTube Shorts, IG Reels, TikTok Clips etc (like I showed above).

It kind of reminds me of people cold-pitching making websites in the early 2000’s, and people cold-pitching building Apple iOS apps in 2008.

Short video clips have kind of turned into a media form of their own, so it’s logical this is a big service being offered all over the place.

Here’s some sample cold emails I get everyday:

I’ve engaged with many of these pitches, but the major problem I’ve seen with these pitches is:

I ask for samples of their work, and they are very poor quality┬á­čś×

Most of the clips they send me are poorly picked, or poor quality.

Compare that with some of the recent clips I’ve had released with captions, graphics, and lots of editing:

I’ve tried making some of these Shorts clips myself just to figure out how much work it is….and honestly it’s almost as much work as making a full YouTube video┬á­čśé

There’s so much editing, shortening, and picking out solid lessons that goes into it….it’s much harder than it looks.