Neural network structures chart

These simple structures are what powers all the AI and Machine Learning we use in our everyday lives.

Cool side note: This is also how your brain works at it’s base level.

Chat GPT:

These straightforward configurations serve as the fundamental building blocks behind the immense power and capabilities of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) that have seamlessly integrated into our daily routines.

An intriguing parallel worth noting is that these very principles mirror the foundational workings of the human brain. At its core, the operation of your brain shares a striking resemblance to these simple structures. Just as AI and ML systems process vast amounts of data to make informed decisions and predictions, your brain, too, relies on intricate neural networks and connections to perceive, analyze, and respond to the world around you. It’s a captivating reminder of the remarkable synergy between cutting-edge technology and the marvels of natural cognition.

How couples meet graphic

WOW. Look how rapidly online dating became the primary way couples meet.

I meet people who don’t like using dating apps, but by the math of it, it’s almost FOOLISH …