Volkswagen Print Ad

There’s lots of good things going on with this ad…

First, a big picture of a smashed car. I bet most ads from this time had photos of cars in pristine condition, so a photo of a crunched bumper stands out and grabs your attention.

Second, this is a great example of taking one benefit (cheap replacement parts) and turning it into a unique angle the entire ad is built on. It’s more memorable than your typical car ad that just lists out gas mileage, legroom, 0-60mph, etc.

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AMF Bowling Print Ad (1959)

This ad does a great job using images that get you to imagine all the benefits (e.g. family bonding and fun) you’ll experience when you go bowling.…

Corvette Print Ad

Here’s an example of an ad with an eye-catching image that grabs attention, a curious headline that sucks you into the copy, and copy that helps you “feel” the power …

Quinine Whisky Remedy Print Ad

This ad shows a product focuses on the health benefits of a product normally thought of as being unhealthy. This is unexpected, grabs attention, and gives whiskey-drinkers validation to drink …

Brazinco Sun Screen Ad

Here’s another great example of an ad that uses the “it’s so effective, it even works for ____” formula:

This sunscreen is so strong, it even works for vampires!