Financial images and charts

This graph shows allllll the different excuses to sell over the last 15 years. 

It explains a simple-yet-complex concept to hold very long term, and ignore short term fluctuations. This is what Warren Buffett has been preaching for 50+ years!

Nothing can get more complex than explaining economic ideas, but having a slick image can do it in 1 second. Here’s some more examples:

Here’s a graph explaining inflation, and how “$1” is worth far less over time.

This is an interesting “Risk Matrix” that goes over all possible cases from natural disasters to wars, and tries best as possible to label them with a percentage chance:

This one is super cool, instantly showcasing the concept that it took Google a whole slew of successful products to get where they are today:

This graph shows that “timing the marketing” can be very profitable…or a total loss 😳

This graph gives a range of income to be considered “Middle” Class” in different areas:

How couples meet graphic

WOW. Look how rapidly online dating became the primary way couples meet.

I meet people who don’t like using dating apps, but by the math of it, it’s almost FOOLISH …