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Copywriting is the beating heart of your marketing. Length doesn’t matter, but quality does. A 10,000 word rambling essay might provide zero value, yet a a few sentences written by the richest person in the world on their investment strategy can be immortalized, studied, and quoted for centuries.

WhatsApp Design Principles

A product designer at WhatsApp listed these 5 rules WhatsApp sticks to when designing a product for over a billion people.

How To Write Headlines Video

This is a quick 5 minute tutorial from Neville Medhora on how to write headlines using “Lenses.”

Here’s a breakdown of the lenses mentioned in the video:

“Competitive” Lens:

Freelance Writing Infographic

This is an interesting infographic from FreelanceWriting that goes over the state of freelancing copywriting in 2017. It goes over such things as copywriter salaries and much more.…

Senior Copywriter Salary Data

A senior copywriter can pull in a strong wage, as they are in charge of all the marketing copy that goes out the door and makes sales:

Average: $91,005

Technical Copywriter Salary Data

If you are writing technical documents, the copywriting work can be more lucrative (although sometimes a little boring):

Average: $65,020
Lowest: $47,249
Highest: $94,518…