Category: Data

Data doesn’t have to be presented in dull charts and graphs. These Swipes take data and present it in a fun way!

Luxury Bag Pyramid

This is like Maslow’s Hierarchy of Luxury Bags. It’s broken down by:
– The Supremes
– The Legacies
– The Classics
– The Contemporaries
– The Accessible

A cool marketing …

Financial images and charts

This graph shows allllll the different excuses to sell over the last 15 years. 

It explains a simple-yet-complex concept to hold very long term, and ignore short term fluctuations. This

Discord Vs. Slack

I didn’t realize Discord (the free gamer version of Slack) was so gigantic.

Even the SimarWeb traffic estimates show Discord traffic is far higher:

Chat GPT:

It truly caught me …


Shoe profits bar chart

Wow…this graphic shows a surprising conclusion:

When Nike sells a $100 shoe, they make only $5 in profit.

Chat GPT:

Wow, the data presented in this graphic is truly eye-opening …

“Learning Pyramid” chart

This is a cool chart that shows how much people remember from different mediums of learning. 

  • 5%: Lectures
  • 10%: Reading
  • 20%: Audio/Visual
  • 30%: A demonstration
  • 50%: Discussing in a group