Category: Explainer Videos

Explainer videos are designed to help people see and hear how to use a product or service. They can also share a product’s benefits and features.

Simplified Dieting Image Chart

This is a very simple chart that shows any “diet” people go on essentially just restricts calories. Instead of doing this with a lot of text, they made one simple …

Apple Credit Card Explainer Video

This is a phenomenal explainer video for the new Apple Credit Card. It’s short, super easy to understand, and extremely visual.

It focused on the product itself, using lots of …

How To Be Creative Video

This is a handy little video to shows you WHAT creativity is, and how to manufacture creativity even if you’re not feeling creative.…

How to write a one pager video

This is a great instructional video on how to write a simple (yet VERY effective) “One Pager” document you can use for flyers, selling, or as handouts.

LavaShield Corporate Explainer Video

This is a great demo/sales/explainer video for a product called the “Lava Shield” hot wax car wash. It features info about the product, as well as testimonials from car wash