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A “Swipe File” is a place where you store a bunch of inspiration for your marketing.  A good swipe file spans different industries and different mediums.

Often a “Swipe File” is a physical folder or drawer that a marketer will place good pieces of marketing or advertisements in.  When they are working on something new and need inspiration, they will pick through their swipe file for ideas.

For example, let’s say you’re building a Pricing page for your product, and you want to see what others have done.  You simply pull up your Swipe File and look for examples of pricing.

Well most marketers don’t have a very comprehensive swipe file, OR they have a Swipe File that’s too cumbersome to search through easily.

Instead there is SwipeFile.com where you have an open-to-the-public Swipe File.

We hand-curate some of the best and highest converting pieces of adverting and marketing across the web and post them for all.

Other collection of ads on the internet disappointingly only feature the best looking ads.  However as a collective of marketers, we are interested not in looks, but high converting ads.

As one of the godfathers of advertising once said:

“Advertisers who ignore research are as dangerous as generals who ignore the signs of the enemy.”
–David Ogilvy.

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Enjoy SwipeFile.com, and if you like it, a mention or share on your platform of choice is highly appreciated.


“Hands down the best copywriting resource I’ve ever come across.”
-Caleb Hodges – Copywriter


Holy sh**, this is one of the best resources I’ve ever seen. Thank you for putting this out there. I can’t image all the work you’ve put in over the years to put this together. I’ve already bookmarked this and will use it, probably for ever. Thank you.
-Barnaby Knoll


This is brilliant. I’ve seen many people post stuff like this but no one has ever made a filtering system that helps me find much needed inspiration in the moment (for the right thing).
Nathan Latka

Product Hunt Top 10 Award


Great stuff! I keep my own private swipe file in Evernote, but this is beautifully organized, easy to filter, and contains lots of content that doesn’t duplicate my own. Thanks for this killer kopy resource! ????
-Taylor Banks


Just wanted to thank you for this swipe file. It is a work of art, and extremely useful for a newbie copywriter like myself. Thanks again
-John Poulos


Uhhhh, man. This is just awesome – I’ve had this kind of thing building on my Google Drive – shoulda made-a website for it!! Congrats! ???? This made it to my Awesome Tools bookmark! :p
-Darren Davis – LinkCaffeine


I really like it! I think that there are not enough inspirational resources for copywriters, and it’s an easy way to get tired with work or go with some old schemes, which are just not attractive and interesting anymore. Such a great idea, thanks!
-Greg R.


Thank you! You just saved me a ton of work. I save swipe files, but they’re not organized and I have a tendency to forget about them. Arghh! There are so many. I bookmarked this SwipeFile url.
-Annie M.



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