Category: Signup Forms

Forms serve a specific function: To capture information. From emails to phone numbers to feedback, a good form can make people WANT to enter their information.  Conversely, a bad form can drive people away.  Here is a sampling of high converting and cleverly done forms.

Casper Signup Form

This is an intriguing prize for anyone in the market for a new bed, TWENTY free pillows! The sheer number of pillows is grabbing.…

TheHustle Home Page and Email Signup

TheHustle home page features ONLY an email signup form which gets users on their email list. This gives people only one option when landing on this page: To subscribe.

Self Driving Vehicle White Paper Signup Form

This is a white paper signup form to receive a self driving vehicle paper for large enterprises. Despite this form not being exceedingly “pretty” or fancy, this format of white …

Book Cover Mall Sales Page

This is a great looking page for Book Cover Mall that sells users on getting a book cover made. It’s a very nice looking site, with lots of book covers …

Matthew Barby Consulting Page

This is a great example of a consulting page by Matthew Barby.  The format is:


Very simple and effective page …

Self Publishing School Order Form

Here’s a great example of a friendly and easy order form by Self Publishing School.

They have two different order forms for their cart, the first one is for their …

Kevin Rose Email Newsletter (The Journal)

This is an email newsletter signup form by Digg creator Kevin Rose. It’s extremely simple, and includes an interesting number that caught us off guard: His open rate:

That’s a …