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Pricing pages are often very scary, because this is where a customer either takes out their wallet, or puts it away.  Here are examples of high converting pricing pages and structures you can gather inspiration from.

WPEngine 4 Tier Pricing

This is a 4-tier pricing structure by WPengine which offers several readily available plans, and a “Custom” plan that requires calling the sales team.

This is a great example of

Give them different options to choose

People have different needs and different budgets.  It can help to offer a few different options.

  • 1 for $20.
    2 for $25.
  • Basic package: $30/month.
    Pro Package: $50/month.
    Advanced Package:

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HustleCon Date-Based Pricing Structure

This is a great example of a pricing structure that clearly goes higher the longer you wait. It encourages people to buy their tickets early so they can save lots …

Creative Cloud Pricing Page

This pricing page has an option for everyone. An easy to understand chart makes it easy to understand what you get with each plan or what you will be missing …

Sliding pay button with minimum price

This is a clever pricing slider that requires a minimum payment, but also allows the user to increase the price they pay so they can pay the author more.


Nerd Fitness Pricing Structure

This is a very loud (and effective) pricing structure from NerdFitness. This pricing structure is unique in that it has different signups for men and women, as Nerd Fitness has …