Category: Emails

Here’s some examples of high-selling emails we’ve collected. All of these emails have confirmed done very well.

Email promo for Advanced Personal Finance

This is a great email describing what’s inside a personal finance course.




Hi Jason,

Today, we’re announcing a brand new course: How to Win the Game of …

TechCrunch event marketing email

This email does a succinct job of getting people to buy one of two types of tickets for their event.

Subject: Pop quiz…


What would you prefer:

a. A …

Udemy enrollment confirmation email

When you enroll in a course with Udemy, they send you a simple email like this designed to get you to start the course.

Subject: Neville, welcome to Graphic Design …

SEO link request email from Tony Robbins team

Tony Robbins SEO team sends out emails like this anytime someone mentions Tony Robbins on their website but doesn’t link him. This technique surely generates a lot more links for …

Ramit Sethi engagement email.

This is an email that attempts to get people to respond to Ramit’s email by asking a question surely A LOT of people have a response to.



Neil Patel style blog notification email.

This short style of email is typically how Neil Patel will send out blog notifications to his email list. Extremely short format, and all users can do is click over.…