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Cloud of Influence

The “Cloud of Influence” is the cloud of exposure you get from posting on multiple platforms:

→ People directly subscribed (high engagement)
→ Mentions & conversations (medium engagement)
→ Exposure …

Monthly and Yearly Pricing

You must have noticed that almost every service you signup to has either Monthly pricing, or Yearly pricing.

This may seem relatively obvious, but capturing a yearly customer is farrrrr …

Copywriting over the years

“Copywriting” is associated with writing words on a page, but my definition is:

“Installing an idea into someone’s head and getting them to take action.”

The medium could be: 
– …


Notes about billionaires

I had a candid conversation with a friend who is very close with 5+ multi-billionaires. Here’s some notes I wrote down from the conversation:

#1.) There’s always people around.

An …

What will humans do?

As AI keeps getting better, people ask: “What will humans do?” 

The answer is:
One human will do what used to take many humans.
For example….

It used to take

The current thing (trends)

Remember how “The Will Smith Slap” was what EVERYONE IN THE PLANET was talking about for a while?

Whatever happened to that?

Then everyone was talking about the Johnny Depp …