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About Pages are where a new customer discovers what you (or your website) is all about.  A good about page should inform people with cool facts, and also point them where to go next.

Kopywriting Kourse About Page

These heat maps tell us what we could do different on this about page.

About Page Heat Map:Kopywriting Kourse about page heatmap

About Page Scroll Map:

Kopywriting Kourse Scrollmap About Page


About Page Confetti Map:

Kopywriting Kourse about page confetti

Great About Page from Ry Rob

This is a great About Page by Ry Rob that takes people through his journey in a quick and visual way, and then directs them to his most popular blog

Frase AI About Page

This is a nicely done about page that explains the background of the product (just enough, but not too much) so the customer can understand what it is.

Enchanting Marketing About Page

This about page explains how Enchanting Marketing’s books and courses can help marketers write copy, who the founder is and the alter ego that she uses. Her resume and testimonials …

OkDork About Page

This super clean about page gives you a glimpse of who Noah Kegan is, what he has done and the OkDork team.…

Sumo About Page

Straight to the point this about page shares free tools to grow your site, photos of the team and how to connect to the communities slack group.…

Kissmetrics About Page

A simple about page what with Kissmetric’s beliefs, the Board of Directors, investors, and contact information.…

Wistia About Page

Broken down into eight sections this about page pinpoint how to use Wistia for your personal needs.…

Sprout Social About Page

This about page focuses is on how to join the team. Starting with Sprout Social’s mission and followed by the company’s social friends.…

Social Media Examiner About Page

This jammed packed about page includes Social Media Examiner’s mission, story, and even a video from the founders. They highlight social proof of popularity by posting their list size and …

SnapApp About Page

Super simple about page introduces you the leadership team as well as their advisors. Company news and a brief statement about how SnapApp helps marketers.…

SitePoint About Page

Dedicated to the SitePoint team, this about page encourages visitors to connect to staff’s personal twitter accounts.…