Category: Event Marketing

If you’re throwing an event, whether a virtual event or real life event, you need to promote it. Here’s some great examples of sold-out event marketing in action.

TechCrunch event marketing email

This email does a succinct job of getting people to buy one of two types of tickets for their event.

Subject: Pop quiz…


What would you prefer:

a. A …

Hustlecon Event Marketing Email

This is a great email justifying the price of HustleCon to an audience by showing a bunch of things that cost more than a HustleCon ticket. It’s true AND humorous!…

Internet Marketing Party

Internet Marketing Party is the place where every month the smartest internet marketers from newbies to ultra rich come to hang out and trade ideas.

Hustle Con

Hustle Con is a one-day startup event where the world’s most successful non-technical founders:
  • Tell their origin stories
  • Teach the practical tactics they used to start and grow their startup


An entire weekend dedicated to working on your business with world-class entrepreneurs

Forefront Event

Forefront is unlike any “conference” or “seminar” you’ve been to. It’s a one of a kind gathering of the most ambitious, talented people you’ll ever meet.…

Con Con by The Hustle

Con Con is a one day conference focused on teaching startups how to create and then use content to acquire new users and customers. We bring you experts from digital …

Pizza & 40s by The Hustle

This explainer video gives you a glimpse of what you can expect when going to a The Hustle hosted event like Pizza & 40’s by The Hustle…

Content School Sales Page

This is a short and simple sales page for Content School hosted by Neville Medhora. It’s a location based event made with a LeadPages template.…

San Francisco Comic Con Homepage

The Comic Con homepage for San Francisco has a super funky and cool design that feels very “superhero-ish” and feels very different from modern flat designs.…