Category: Billboards

A billboard large outdoor advertisement normally posted on highways and roadsides. Good billboards use a strong short message that can be read by quickly by passing cars.

Electric Scooter Accident Billboard

This is a billboard spotted in Austin, TX for a lawyer that sues electric scooter companies for accidents that happen on their scooters.

The billboard says:

Go for a spin

Custom LED sign for golf

This is a great custom LED sign by SignAnimations that started bringing in more customers the day it went live. Previously the sign just displayed basic time and weather information

I AM TOOTH Billboard for Dentist

This is a funny (yet memorable) billboard for a dental practice. It references the “Guardians of the Galaxy” movie and even has a funny “I am tooth!” character.

Here’s how …

KopywritingKourse Billboard Drafts

All ll 11 versions of the KopywritingKourse initial billboard drafts

KopywritingKourse Billboard Final

KopywritingKourse stickman billboard posted in Austin.

Airbnb billboard

This simple billboard shows everyone that they belong in an at an Airbnb.…