Saas pricing page in two steps

This is a pretty good pricing page:

The headline restates the overall offering & value.

Step 1: Lets the user customize their pricing based on there needs.

Step 2: Is …

1945 Old Gold “Irritated” Ad

This ad from 1945 is hilarious in this day and age, but the reason it’s SwipeFile-worthy is how well they depicted “irritation” of the man in the picture 😂

Saas pricing page with sales elements

This pricing page includes some important sales elements to help convert the prospect.

“Join over 50,000 people writing content with Jasper.” is a powerful element of social proof.

The interactive …

Vintage Kodak film ad

Each 35mm film stock has a unique look to them. The copywriter did a god job highlighting this fact and cleverly described it as a “personality”.…

Simple pricing page

Simple pricing page that clearly pushes the annual plan rather than the monthly. They also have some good social proof statements below the pricing chart: “Trusted for over 30 years” …