1972 print ad with good image but bad everything else

I was struck by the imagery of this ad, and it got me curious to keep reading. It goes on to some poetic copy, but it took me reading alllllll the way to the end to figure out what’s being sold here: Chairs 🤔

I thought this ad could’ve been greatly improved with a good headline, but it literally doesn’t even have one.

Speedy Wash Pricing

When you go through a car wash with different pricing options, does it ACTUALLY make a difference?

I’ll usually select “The Works” but I’m not sure it does anything different …

Q2 is near

Whatever your 2024 goal is, you have 9 more months to complete it

❌ Q1: January, February, March​
✅ Q2: April, May, June
✅ Q3: July, August, September
✅ Q4:


Total Addressable Market

When looking at market size it’s helpful to look at the realistic amount you can capture.

TAM: Total demand for a specific product/service in a market.

SAM: Portion of TAM