AirTable Video Software Pricing Page

This is a good pricing page for the popular video production software for teams called AirTable. The plans range from free, to $20/mo per user, to enterprise level.

A sneaky little thing they do is put the prices as listed by annual payment.  There is a little slider at the top:

…..which you can change from annual to monthly.  This is a very clever item to add, as it encourages people to pay annually instead of monthly which is more of a hassle.

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Netflix Free Trial Pricing

This is a very clever and helpful NetFlix 30 day trial landing page that entices people to signup, and even calculates when their next payment date would be.…

Kopywriting Kourse Sales Page

These heat maps show what is working on the Kopywriting Kourse sales page.

Sales Page Heat Map:

Kopywriting Kourse Sales Page heatmap

Sales Page Scroll Map:

Kopywriting Kourse Join page Scrollmap

Sales Page Confetti Map: