AirTable Video Software Pricing Page

This is a good pricing page for the popular video production software for teams called AirTable. The plans range from free, to $20/mo per user, to enterprise level.

A sneaky little thing they do is put the prices as listed by annual payment.  There is a little slider at the top:

…..which you can change from annual to monthly.  This is a very clever item to add, as it encourages people to pay annually instead of monthly which is more of a hassle.

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Porsche Print Ad

This Porsche ad goes straight for the jugular. Not only does it call out competitors, but it also calls the reader out for “settling”.…

Optional Paid Email Signup

This is interesting. After signing up for Balalji’s email list, you are brought to an option monthly or yearly paid subscription.

You don’t get anything extra, it’s just a way …