AJ&Smart Design Sprints Landing Page

ajsmart design sprint landing page
The "What" The "Why" The "How it Works" The "Result" More "About Us" Contact

The "What"

  • Explains exactly what a design sprint is (4-day process to create a big solution or product).
  • Highlights a big benefit (compress months of work into a week)
  • Shows the team at work + looking very creative

The "Why"

  • Another great image of the team in action.
  • Restates their value proposition.
  • Shows off an impressive client list.

--> All reasons WHY you should choose them.

The "How it Works"

  • Breaks down the 4-day process into a day-by-day schedule.
  • Shows it off in a mini-calendar.
  • Notes when the client is actually needed in-house.

The "Result"

  • Takes the general benefit (a quick solution or product for a big issue) and breaks it into much more specific definitions.
  • Prepares the reader for the idea of more projects past the initial design sprint.

More "About Us"

  • Includes more info about the company and why it's different.
  • Includes a nice intro video.
  • Adds a subtle CTA to sign up for their email list.


  • Instead of a general contact form, this one comes with 5 preset answers that the reader can choose from.
  • Also includes all their contact info for more general inquiries.

AJ&Smart is a design agency that specializes in design sprints.

This page does a great job:

  • Explaining what design sprints are and what a project would look like.
  • Explaining why design sprints are so effective.
  • Positioning AJ&Smart as a leader in the field.
  • Qualifying potential clients with a well-designed contact form.


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