Antagonizing College Board Competitor Ad

There’s been trouble with the SAT and the ACT, and College Board (owner of the SAT) has been making some business model changes to maximize revenue that are very unfavorable to students and schools alike. 

CollegeVine (a direct competitor) just took out the full-page ad in the attached image, a direct shot at College Board.

Chat GPT:

A storm is brewing in the realm of standardized testing, particularly with the SAT and ACT, and it’s College Board, the entity that oversees the SAT, that’s stirring the pot. Lately, they’ve been instituting a series of alterations to their business model, all in the name of raking in more revenue. However, these changes have raised considerable eyebrows, as they appear to be anything but favorable for both students and educational institutions.

In their pursuit of maximizing profits, College Board seems to be inadvertently placing an increased burden on students and schools alike. The repercussions of these shifts are reverberating throughout the educational landscape, leaving many to question the true motivations behind these changes. The very essence of standardized testing and its role in the college admissions process is undergoing a transformation, and it’s a transformation that doesn’t sit well with many.

Enter CollegeVine, a direct competitor in this high-stakes testing arena. They’ve taken an audacious step by placing a full-page advertisement (check out the attached image) that can only be described as a direct shot aimed squarely at College Board. It’s a bold and unapologetic move, signaling not only their disapproval of College Board’s tactics but also their willingness to offer an alternative.

This clash between College Board and CollegeVine is emblematic of a broader debate about the future of standardized testing and its implications for students and educational institutions. As these giants of the testing world vie for supremacy, it’s the students and schools caught in the crossfire who must navigate the ever-shifting landscape of educational assessment, all while pondering the ultimate impact on their futures.



Crappy Plunge Ad

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