ArborBridge home page

ArborBridge home page
Strong Hero Section Features Interactive score projector Areas they cover More features & benefits Strong testimonial(s) Contact

Strong Hero Section

  • focuses on a specific problem ("the way students learn is changing")
  • offers a clear solution ("innovative, private online tutoring")
  • single CTA


Emphasis on:

  • usability
  • personalization
  • support
  • accountability

.....exactly what parents and students are looking for.

Interactive score projector

  • interactive sliders for both ACT and SAT students
  • strong, attractive claim (90% of students score in the 5% of test takers)
  • connects the claim to how much work the student puts in

Areas they cover

More features & benefits

Secondary selling points like:

  • convenience
  • flexibility
  • quality

Strong testimonial(s)

The testimonials are great because they're:

  • specific
  • impressive
  • make big goals feel more reachable


If readers haven't acted on all the prior CTA's, they can still get in touch with an open-ended contact form.

ArborBridge is an online, private tutoring platform.

Their home page is great because:

  • It hits all the major points a parent/student looks for in a tutoring service.
  • It separates and elevates ArborBridge from other online tutoring services.
  • It shows off some great results and strong testimonials from former students.
  • It gives readers several easy ways to start.
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Zipcar Home Page

Zipcar’s home page is excellent.

Here’s how it’s built:

  1. It leads with a very simple hero section and a direct CTA.
  2. Next, it’s got a simple 1-2-3 How it

Michi Ramen Home Page

This is a great restaurant page. It’s got pretty much everything on one page:

  • Contact info and physical address;
  • Order Online button;
  • great food photo;
  • A very simple, effective