Avis “We’re only Number 2” Ad Campaign

This “reverse psychology” style ad campaign from Avis did a fun judo-move and turned their “being only No. 2” status into the reason you SHOULD rent a car from them! 

They did this in response to Hertz having an ad campaign showing how they’re #1.

This reminds me of a funny billboard David Letterman took out in response to Jay Leno’s #1 billboard 😂

Crappy Plunge Ad

I saw another “Our Designer Quit” ad out in the wild!

This variation is “Our Designer Is On Vacation” but it’s still the same hilarious concept.

This style makes people …

Speedy Wash Pricing

When you go through a car wash with different pricing options, does it ACTUALLY make a difference?

I’ll usually select “The Works” but I’m not sure it does anything different …