Drip’s Pricing Page Slider

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Drip offers pricing on a sliding scale. Your monthly subscription is based on how many email subscribers you have.

Their pricing page shows you how much you’ll pay with an interactive slider.

If you’ve got less than 10,000 subscribers, the “Start a Trial” box will be highlighted.

If you’ve got more than 10,000 subscribers, the “Grab a Demo” box will be highlighted.


What’s great about it:

  • The slider is interactive.
  • The page is simple, clean, and intuitive.
  • The shifting highlight is a subtle, effective way to add segmentation
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Hidden pricing structure for AltMBA

Seth Godin’s been way ahead of the online cohort game, starting AltMBA years ago. It’s interesting how they show their pricing:

…they don’t!

It’s hidden in a random FAQ page.


Shoe profits bar chart

Wow…this graphic shows a surprising conclusion:

When Nike sells a $100 shoe, they make only $5 in profit.

Chat GPT:

Wow, the data presented in this graphic is truly eye-opening …